Variety of Ministries on a AIM Missions Trip

AIM wants your group to experience a variety or ministries but we’ll also work with you to be sure your group can minister with your special gifts and skills. The list of ministry opportunities include AIM’s Missions Project Objectives, which are:
  1. Listening Prayer
  2. Sharing Your Faith
  3. Building a Meaningful Relationship
  4. Meeting a Felt Need
  5. Debriefing and Responding
These are some of the ministry opportunities you’ll have you’ll enjoy as you achieve the above objectives:
  • Doing light construction work such as repair work, painting, or building a small home or a portion of a church
  • Prayer walking
  • Teaching children through Vacation Bible School.
  • Ministering at a nursing home, orphanage, or detention center.
  • Evangelizing through playing sports.
  • Using mime, drama, or puppetry to reach hurting people
  • Sharing the gospel by visiting people door-to-door or at open-air meetings
  • Hosting a community outreach at a local park.