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"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

Thank you for partnering with us and recognizing the value of investing in changing lives through short-term missions.

Adventures In Missions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a long-time member of ECFA. Your donations are tax deductible based on the policies and principles detailed at

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Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions
Philippines - Partner Ministry Fund
Partnering with Wipe Every Tear, the team participates in discipleship of girls living in the safe houses and outreach to the thousands of girls still trapped in the industry. The girls in the safe house not only have all their basic needs met, but they are able to attend high school, college, or receive their GED through a scholarship program. The team is also building additional programs like healing retreats, vocational training, and small business development to provide alternative employment and a new found hope to those that have come out of the bars and those still struggling to leave.

Romania - Partner Ministry Fund
Through our partnership with Raul Costea and RESO Ministries, we are discipling and equipping short term teams and the Romanian people to advance the Kingdom. In a nation that is dominated by Orthodox Christianity, the average person has no saving knowledge of Jesus. Through outreach training and discipleship, our team is advancing the Gospel in this part of the world.

Thailand - Partner Ministry Fund
Partnering with Lighthouse in Action who's mission it is to eradicate the commercial sex trade in Chiang Mai and see the Thai people freed from bondage. Our team pours into the Thai people, whether they are students, bar workers, business people, or live in the slums or surrounding villages. Through job skills training, discipleship, employment opportunities, a cafe ministry, and hosting short term teams, we will bring hope and new life to the people of Northern Thailand.

Maximum Impact Fund
These resources are used to meet the greatest needs of the organization at any given time. Your gift here allows for quick response as ministry opportunities unfold.

Adventures in Missions - Staff
More than 130 staff raise financial support in order to facilitate our global efforts to fulfill the Great Commission. Learn about individual staff members and how you can support them here.

Adventures: Swaziland
With the world's highest HIV infection rate and a church that is hungry for God to move, Swaziland is a beautiful picture of how light pierces the darkest corners of the world. Support our work as we offer basic humanitarian aid and orphan care programs.

Mission Trip Participant
Support one of Adventures in Missions' thousands of mission trip participants as they give of themselves to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Parent Ministry
Parent Ministry walks with parents of World Race and Gap Year participants, providing opportunities to connect, events to participate in and resources to help them understand what God is doing in their sons and daughters - and in them.

Discipleship Training Center (Guatemala)
The Discipleship Training Center in Guatemala is about bringing anyone who comes through our doors into a deeper intimacy with Christ. Through discipleship, outreach, assistance with small businesses, and ministry support through short-term Adventures groups, our team is constantly seeking new ways to better serve the body of Christ. We are letting the Lord build not just a cross- cultural community, but a kingdom community. Guatemalans are being raised up, trained and equipped and to be sent all over the world.

Kingdom Journeys Women
A group of driven and capable young women on a mission to proclaim freedom to their sisters around the world who have found themselves captive – they will serve as a voice for the voiceless. Our Kingdom Journeys Women will bring their diverse skill sets and giftings to come alongside organizations around the world who are empowering women; all while gleaning wisdom and insight from radical, Spirit-led women leaders who have been successful at initiating incredible organizations and building kingdom in all sorts of innovative ways.

Beauty for Ashes
Beauty for Ashes is both a program and an event where we will walk women through their story, using the Holy Spirit and community to bring healing to the areas that haven’t yet been brought to the light. Drawing from past experiences we will encourage them to hear from the Holy Spirit about how God wants to redeem the dark parts and give the women a hope and a plan for the future.

World Race Scholarship Fund
Do you want to help World Racers stay on the field? Give them the opportunity to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus around the world? Racers work hard to meet their fundraising goals and deadlines for the World Race. This scholarship fund will allow World Race to assist those Racers who still fall short, despite their best efforts.

Orphan Care
Orphans are close to the heart of Adventures in Missions, as we believe God cares deeply for the fatherless. Support our work in fulfilling James 1:27 by giving to the Orphan Fund.

Center for Global Action
The CGA Apprentice Program is a launching pad dedicated to your holistic development through community, discipleship, and apprenticeship. We believe God designed everyone uniquely and has placed a unique call on each life. We exist to activate your generation in its kingdom role.

Parent Ministry Thank You Gift
In appreciation for the ministry to World Race parents during our son or daughter's Race, I would like to say thank you in a tangible way by making the follow donation.

The World Race
World Race Logo Support the work of our fastest-growing program. The World Race is an 11-month, 11-country journey in which participants discover the power of God to change lives, as they minister and serve around the world.

Disaster Response Fund
Adventures in Missions is called to actively serve the communities around our world who find themselves caught in a natural disaster. When hurting communities cannot help themselves, we are among the first on the ground and among the last to leave as we offer care and support to those in the most desperate of situations.

Church 2 Church
Church-to-Church offers American churches the opportunity to spiritually and physically support a sister church internationally


Adventures In Missions is an established 501(c) (3) non-profit missions organization.


Although most of our employees raise all or a portion of their own salaries, Adventures has ongoing material, administrative, and technological expenditures associated with keeping the ministry going. Great care is taken to make sure we conduct our finances with integrity.


Fiscal transparency and accountability direct the financial actions of Adventures. We are members in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and commission an independent auditor to conduct a thorough annual audit. In addition, our board of directors meets regularly to regulate ministry management and performance. We also make our most recent audited Financial Statement available for public review.


Adventures is debt free. We work diligently to keep expenses low. As a ministry, we see the available resources as gifts to be judiciously administered. Our desire is to make the greatest eternal impact by making resources go as far as possible.

Wise Giving - Supporting Adventures in Missions

Adventures has been transforming lives through discipleship and missions since 1989. In the summer of 2012, we sent out our 100,000th missionary.

While we look back in awe of what the Lord has done, we also know that the harvest is great and we are invigorated by the opportunities to share the life, hope and love that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ and our brothers and sisters in Him. We are blessed to have partners who make it possible for missionaries to go into the field and share every day.

Lives are changing through Adventures - and we are impacting how the upcoming generation ministers. They are globally seeing the world as a community.

Whether considering taking a trip or partnering in another way, Chuck Day, one of our partners, says, “To me... it is an investment in your future. By me investing in them (Adventures) with my time and my finances and my efforts I am finding that I am receiving a rich reward, in the sense that I am helping equip those who are going out to make the change.”

Adventures founder, Seth Barnes believes “… about spiritual return on investment, I think that it’s a very high one here at Adventures.”

It is a new day in missions. People are being transformed while they are making a difference – all because of choosing to follow the call. What is your call? Will you choose to follow it with us? Nations are being changed!

" ...the Master directed that those who spread the Message be supported by those who believe the Message." - I Corinthians 9:14 (The Message)

Please give prayerful consideration to joining us by giving. Not sure where to start? Your gift to our Maximum Impact Fund allows the ministry to respond quickly as ministry opportunities unfold.

"Just as each of us have one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body and each member belongs to all the others." - Romans 12:4-5


We believe that being a good steward is being grateful and expressing it. We are thankful for the abilities and responsibilities we have been given. We are thankful for the freedom to worship the one true God in this country. We are thankful for the resources this ministry has been trusted with: the people, their giftings, the tools, our partners and relationships, and the finances the Lord has entrusted to us in order to do His work. We constantly pray for the wisdom to steward these blessings well and to express our gratitude in ways that glorify the Lord.


You can donate online now through our secure website via credit card, debit card, or bank draft. Simply click here to see all of our Giving Opportunities and make a donation. Please take note of any processing fees that might be associated with your donation.


Adventures in Missions is pleased to offer a secure, free, automatic payment service using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through DynaPay. Dynapay is the preferred monthly giving method of Adventures in Missions. Why? Because it:

  • Reduces organizational administrative costs
  • Avoids mail delays and losses
  • Saves resources because there is no need to send monthly reminders
  • Is convenient for donors – no need to remember to write a check or to go online
  • Is paperless - and does not incur a transaction fee for donors


Please mail personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders to:

Adventures in Missions
P.O. Box 742570
Atlanta, GA 30374-2570

PLEASE NOTE: The above address should be used for donations only.
All other correspondence should be sent to:

Adventures in Missions
6000 Wellspring Trail
Gainesville, GA 30506

Checks must be made out to Adventures in Missions. Checks made out to World Race or to an individual will be returned.

When we receive your gift through postal mail, we'll mail an acknowledgement that will include a reminder for your next gift and a pre-addressed envelope.


For those who want to give, cash is not always the resource that is most easily available. This being our inspiration, we recently set up a new method of giving so that donors have the ability to give items, assets and properties toward mission funding. This innovative method of giving is done through iDonate, an organization that specializes in creative donation services specifically for non-profits. Donors can give vehicles, cell phones, real estate and business inventory at the click of a button. This makes it easy to give non-cash items and have the same impact as if the gift was cash. Donors still receive a tax-deduction benefit from the donation of the non-cash item as long as the donation is made within the US. For more information, visit the Adventures pages of the iDonate website at


A gift of stock to Adventures is a great way to support the ministry while potentially receiving a significant tax benefit. Please consult your tax advisor for specific information. If you are interested in donating stock, please contact our broker directly at:

Keith Boger Investment Group, LLC

125 Wind Forest Ct
Clarkesville, GA 30523

Toll Free: 706-839-1590
Fax: 866-206-5232

You will also need to notify the donor relations team to make us aware of your gift and provide us with the appropriate contact information. We are then able to provide a letter of thanks indicating the date of the gift and the number of shares donated once our broker has sold the stock.


If you would like to include a gift in conjunction with financial planning or estate planning, please contact our donor relations team by phone at 1-800-881-2461 or email at

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I donate to Adventures in Missions?
  2. Can I give monthly? How?
  3. Is my donation tax-deductible?
  4. Is my donation refundable or transferrable?
  5. Will I receive an acknowledgement for my gift?
  6. I'm having trouble donating online. Do you have any troubleshooting help?
  7. I'm not sure how to designate my gift - can you help?
  8. Where do I go to give for the credit of a specific person?
  9. What does it mean that staff or participants "raise support" or that they are performing deputized fundraising?
  10. What accountability is in place to ensure the integrity of Adventures In Missions?
  11. Is there a maximum amount for online donations?
  12. My company offers matching gifts - how do these get processed?
  13. Will Adventures accept a gift for a third party?
  14. Is your website secure?
  15. Will you share my personal information?

  1. How can I donate to Adventures in Missions?
    There are several ways to make a gift to Adventures in Missions. We accept checks and money orders via mail, or you may donate through our secure website using a credit card, debit card or an eCheck. Monthly gifts can also be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

    You also have the option of giving items, stock or creatively through financial planning.

    To give now by one of these methods or for more information to help determine the method that will best fit your needs, please visit our Ways to Give page.
  2. Can I give monthly? How?
    Yes, you can give monthly by mailing your check or money order. When we receive your gift through postal mail each month, we'll mail an acknowledgement that will include a reminder for your next gift and a pre-addressed envelope. For address information on giving through postal mail, please visit our Give By Mail page.

    You can also set up an automatic recurring donation using a debit/credit card or eCheck. Monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account is another option. Visit our Ways to Give page for more information.
  3. Is my donation tax-deductible?
    Upon the close of each calendar year, Adventures sends donors an annual giving statement confirming tax deductibility in the U.S.

    Deductibility varies for other countries outside the U.S. and therefore it is the responsibility of any international donor to consult with their tax advisor as to the deductibility of their donation. Adventures is not incorporated in any country other than the U.S.
  4. Is my donation refundable or transferrable?
    As a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, the IRS regulations require that all tax-deductible contributions must be irrevocable and that any such organization must demonstrate full discretion and control of the donations. These regulations for Adventures in Missions are stated more fully in our Policies and Principles for Tax Deductible Donations.
  5. Will I receive an acknowledgement for my gift?
    If your chosen giving method is through the postal mail, you will receive an acknowledgement via standard U.S. mail approximately two weeks after your gift is received.

    For gifts online via credit/debit card or eCheck, you will receive an electronic acknowledgement as soon as your donation is made.

    In addition, donors will receive a year-end statement showing all annual gifts for tax purposes.
  6. I'm having trouble donating online. Do you have any troubleshooting help?
    When experiencing difficulty making a donation online, we have a few suggestions that may help.
    • Try using a different browser, generally Firefox or Safari get better results than Explorer or Chrome.
    • If your credit/debit card billing or bank information do not exactly match your entry, the gift will not process.
    • eChecks must draw on a U.S. bank account, Canadian accounts will not process.
  7. I'm not sure how to designate my gift - can you help?
    We suggest that you give to the Maximum Impact Fund. This allows Adventures to use your gift where it is most needed. Your gift to this fund enables a quick response as ministry opportunities unfold.

    Please feel free to call or e-mail the Donor Relations Team if you would like further assistance or more information about other opportunities.
  8. Where do I go to give for the credit of a specific person?
    Select the role the person is fulfilling with Adventures: Staff or Trip Participant (World Race, Passport, Ambassador)

    Gifts may not be restricted for the benefit of a specific person, but if you give to an activity or purpose for which an individual is raising funds, that person will be considered preferred and thereby credited with the funds raised and allowed to participate in carrying out the applicable activity. Please see our policies for more information.
  9. What does it mean that staff or participants "raise support" or that they are performing deputized fundraising?
    Staff and participants appeal to their family, friends and communities on behalf of Adventures to provide the necessary resources for fulfilling their work, trip or project with Adventures in Missions. Gifts are given directly to the organization, allowing them to be tax-deductible.
  10. What accountability is in place to ensure the integrity of Adventures In Missions?
    Adventures is governed by a Board of Directors that meets to review the organization and its ministry. In addition, Adventures is a long-time member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. We believe in transparency and make our most recent audited Financial Statement available for review.
  11. Is there a maximum amount for online donations?
    The maximum amount for credit card donations is $5,000. There is no limit on the amount for a bank draft donation.
  12. My company offers matching gifts - how do these get processed?
    We are happy to verify gifts and complete any paperwork required by matching gift companies. Please be aware that we have no control over eligibility regulations and cannot guarantee that any gift will be matched or the date the matching gift will be received.
  13. Will Adventures accept a gift for a third party?
    Adventures cannot accept financial or non-financial contributions of any amount for third party organizations or individuals, nor can Adventures act as an intermediary for another organization in dispensing funds. Adventures cannot accept responsibility for administering or distributing such funds, or issue a receipt to the donor.

    Adventures in Missions can only accept gifts to Adventures and its related ministries. Gifts of all kinds, financial and non-financial, can be contributed to Adventures or toward staff or participant support.
  14. Is your website secure?
    Yes, we use Rapid SSL and your information is encrypted.
  15. Will you share my personal information?
    No, we do not share your personal information with any other organizations. Our website and our database are on secure sites. We take care to protect your privacy.

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