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  • Job Title: World Race Squad Coordinator
  • Employee Name: OPEN
  • Supervisor: World Race Coordinator
  • Classification: Support Raise, 50% stipend match


  • World Race Squad Coordinators support World Race Squads spiritually and operationally. As part of a team that includes World Race Coaches, Regional Directors, and headquarters staff, World Race Squad Coordinators assist Coaches in the processes of spiritual formation for World Race Participants and work to ensure that World Race Squads are well supported operationally and administratively. From a spiritual perspective, World Race Coordinators, based upon experience are coupled with Coaches and assist Coaches in the process of transformation for field leadership and participants. From an operational perspective, they manage the logistical and administrative processes that enable and facilitate the squad to move from abandonment to brokenness and dependence.


  • Help ensure alignment with program core values and provide operational support in all phases of the re-engineered participative model and World Race Squad cycle: Route Creation, Squad Leader Recruiting/Training, Training Camp, Launch, Debrief, Logistics and Daily Field Support.
  • Assist Coaches as needed to facilitate the process of transformation for all participants through the development of relationships with, and intentional ministry to, participants and field leadership.
  • Help teach and reinforce core values at Training Camp, Launch, Debrief, and day to day Field Support.
  • Manage and develop relationships/partnerships with Regional Directors and Host Ministries to ensure that World Race Squads, World Race Coaches, Regional Directors, and headquarters staff are well supported logistically.
  • Work as part of a cross-functional team which includes Finance staff to achieve goals with respect to revenue attainment (support coaching) and control of field costs.
  • Manage 1 to 2 direct report administrative interns and participate in their personal development by coaching them to move into greater levels of responsibility and empowerment as they demonstrate desire and capability.


  • World Race Squad Leader experience required in most cases.
  • Understands and embraces the core values of Adventures In Missions and the World Race program.
  • Desire to be an integral part of a team that guides World Race participants through a process of abandonment and brokenness which moves them to dependence. Able to effectively manage toward the tension required to create a transformational environment for participants.
  • Established record of high character, and a servant mentality.
  • Strong communication skills (written/verbal), interpersonal skills, positive attitude, and the ability and desire to work and thrive in a collaborative environment that values participative leadership.
  • Able to manage and oversee the daily operational/administrative needs of a World Race squad including managing to timelines.
  • Able to provide effective leadership in Training, Launch/Debrief environments.
  • The flexibility to meet shifting needs and willingness to work flexible hours. Will do "whatever it takes".
  • Appreciation of Adventures culture and a demonstrated passion to be a part of and propel its future.

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