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Are We Moving Home?

We are coming to the end of our first year in Barcelona! I have to be honest with you, this has been one of the craziest, emotional, difficult, amazing, incredible, and beautiful years of our lives. We have been stretched, strained and pulled in every direction imaginable – spiritually, emotionally and mentally. All the kids would say the same. 

But it has been a year of tremendous growth. Have you ever heard of the study of tree rings? Scientists once thought that the most growth occurred in times of plenty such as perfect weather and plenty of water. What they discovered is the opposite is true. Trees grew the most in times of difficulty like drought, fire and severe weather swings. It’s been this kind of year for us. 

Our friends and family are asking now that the year is up, “Are we moving home?” The answer is no. We are renewing our visa for two more years. We believe we are at the forefront of creating something truly innovative in the leadership and discipleship space.  There are three primary reasons:

1. We are building a ministry in Barcelona – what is clear is that God wants us discipling the next generation of Christian leaders. We are doing this primarily through Adventures in Missions and the World Race Expedition. There is a huge need for young people to be trained in Christian leadership. Because of our strong background in leadership development, we are taking on this role and developing a World-class leadership program. I’ve been teaching this to the staff at Adventures every month in Atlanta since February.

2. The kind of light our family shines is needed in Europe. Bottom line is we feel called here. To the Spanish people, the leaders in Europe, and the teams and individuals that are coming here for training and ministry.

3. God has put some incredible people and ministries in our lives: G42 Ministries and Adventures in Missions. Together, we have a huge vision to raise up thousands of leaders and plant thousands of churches. 

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Thank you for reading this and journeying with us. You are always welcome to come see us! We are grateful for every prayer, every email and every kind word from each of you.

Salud! Tom, Emily, Hayden, Gideon, Grace, Lilly and Hudson

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