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Empowering Local Communities: A Closer Look at Our Projects – Eswatini

At Adventures in Missions, our journey in Eswatini has been marked by numerous individual successes, from ensuring children are well-fed at our CarePoints to providing school fee assistance for academic achievers. While these achievements are significant, we recognize that for a lasting, positive impact, we must extend our focus to the family unit. In our ongoing commitment to holistic community development, we are excited to introduce our new Family Strengthening Initiative at the Eswatini Base. We believe that by empowering families, we can create a ripple effect that transforms communities...

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Explore Destinations for Mission Work

Embarking on a transformative journey with Adventures in Missions opens the door to impactful experiences across the globe. Let’s explore some of the top destinations where your mission work can make a meaningful difference. Guatemala Known as “The Land of Eternal Spring,” Guatemala boasts natural beauty, yet its people face challenges that call for the love of Christ. Adventures’ Base in Guatemala, near Antigua, has been a hub for short-term mission teams since 2012. Ways you can serve in Guatemala: Stove Installation: Combatting smoke inhalation issues, teams install...

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House of Freedom. One Year in Casa Libertad

Hey everyone! This is Emily. I have something on my heart I really wanted to share with you as we’ve followed God in this new journey. We landed in Barcelona 1 year ago and one day after I turned 40. We had a small window to choose dates to fly and it so happened that the best price was on my birthday. This was fitting since I like good deals and new adventures. What I really mean is that I like the concept, the magical idea of new adventures! We felt confident and knew that this decision was right for our family and although sad and missing comforts and friends, the kids were on board...

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How to Build A Kingdom Life Inspired by Your Vision

I believe one of the greatest missing components in the lives of believers today is Leadership. Sadly, when we turn on our TV’s, radios, and web-browsers, we aren’t hearing many stories of great leadership in action. We don’t hear about people pouring out their lives to serve others and we don’t hear about many leaders who are honest and keep their word. Even in our own political system. With these kinds of public examples, it’s no wonder there is a crisis in leadership.  That’s why I want to give my life to serve Christian leaders by helping them understand...

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Are We Moving Home?

We are coming to the end of our first year in Barcelona! I have to be honest with you, this has been one of the craziest, emotional, difficult, amazing, incredible, and beautiful years of our lives. We have been stretched, strained and pulled in every direction imaginable – spiritually, emotionally and mentally. All the kids would say the same.  But it has been a year of tremendous growth. Have you ever heard of the study of tree rings? Scientists once thought that the most growth occurred in times of plenty such as perfect weather and plenty of water. What they discovered is the...

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The Hardest Part of Living in a Foreign Country

Moving across the ocean is hard and much more difficult than any of us expected. It’s one thing to get rid of everything you own. Trying to relocate your family to a different nation in a completely different context, is something different all together.   I’ve always tried to focus my life on pouring myself into the things God really cares about. If you are trying to serve the things most on God’s heart – make sure you are caring for the widow, the stranger (a foreigner), and the orphan. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I poured myself into serving orphans...

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