1. Great leadership starts with leading yourself. You can’t expect to lead anyone well if you yourself do not practice mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual disciplines.

  2. Intention is the mother of mastery.

    • What you do each day is a micro-cosm of the rest of your life.

    • You teach your brain what to do and how to think (scientifically referred to as neuroplasticity).

    • Behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated

    • It takes not 21 but 66 days to create a habit.

  3. Your attitude will determine your altitude.

    1. We all face the choice of slow death or deep change.

    2. A victim finds an excuse; a leader / learner / world changer finds a reason to change. (S)he says, “I don’t like the situation, so instead of complaining or trying to justify myself, I’m going to acquire a new skill in order to change myself and my situation.”

      This last point was super-interesting. Our leadership coach explained that our world is built upon negativity, and that whether we know it or not, our words have immense power. Our brains generate 40,000-60,000 thoughts every day via an internal messaging system, and ~90% of these thoughts are subconscious. Of those subconscious thoughts, 80% are negative. Research shows that a ratio of 3 positive thoughts to every 1 negative thought is the balance that keeps us feeling healthy; a 2:1 ratio is “languishing,” and a 1:1 ratio is associated with chronic depression.

So how do we think more positively? Our coach gave us a few strategies:

  1. Be intentional about encouraging others, especially by saying “I believe in you,” which is the most meaningful encouragement we can receive.

  2. Help each other guard their tongues to break and prevent strongholds of negative thoughts. Criticism is contagious. Negativity spreads. Guard your own tongue, and help to guard others’ by cutting off complaining.

  3. Practice positive self talk with phrases like “I’m blessed,” “I’m a daughter/son of the King,” and “Whatever we ask in Jesus’ name will happen.”

Please pray for us as we continue to develop these resources! As a father of teenagers and someone who loves this generation, I cannot think of a better way to invest my time and talent.