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Our Adventures Swaziland staff is composed of western missionaries and local Swazi leaders. It is through all of their dedicated hard work and willingness to be obedient to God's leading, that we have seen such growth in Swaziland. We also have a US based staff who provide support as well as frequently travel to Swaziland. Please take some time to get to know a bit more about our staff and to follow their blogs. Your prayers and encouragement go a long way.

Julie Anderson (Swazi Based)

Hometown: Cherokee, Iowa
Family: Daughter Ellie, 6 yrs, adopted from Swaziland
Favorite part of my job: Yearly retreat with the Timbali women, and fabric shopping at the Market
Little Known Fact: I was a drummer in a band. I say that in a misleading way to make it sound cool. Really it was the marching band at school, and sometimes i also had to play the triangle...i was a triangler.

Email: julieanderson@adventures.org
Phone: +26876024093
Blog: julieanderson.myadventures.org
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Scott & Marcia Borg (U.S. Based)

Hometown: Scott - Des Moines, Iowa Marcia - Columbia, Missouri
Family: 3 married children and 4 grandchildren
Favorite part of my job: Scott - Empowering emerging leaders - that includes orphans, pastors, and missionaries - to change the world for Jesus. Marcia - Connecting with the Swazi women one on one - sharing life, hope, faith, and laughter
Little Known Fact: Scott - When I was a kid I delivered the Des Moines Register in a Veterans Hospital. I saw a lot of wild stuff. A Vietnam vet held me in a choke hold when I woke him up to see if he wanted a paper. Marcia - I speak a little Arabic.

Email: scottborg@adventures.org
Blog: scottborg.myadventures.org
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Mark & Allyson Clyburn (Swazi Based)

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Family: Wife (Allison), 2 daughters (Madeline-12 & Emma-8)
Favorite part of my job: Getting to know the people of Swaziland. It is a true joy to serve them when you know where they are coming from and the life they are living.
Little Known Fact: I love to run and the longer the run the better. Most people think I am crazy, but I really enjoy it.

Email: markclyburn@adventures.org
Phone: +26876022032
Blog: theclyburns.myadventures.org
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Discipleship Team (Manzini - Based)

We have eight Swazi staff based in Manzini. These dynamic individuals are responsible for ministry at the care points as well as administrative functions related to child sponsorship. They go out each day to different care points to provide discipleship programming for the children there.

Bheki Motsa - Swaziland Leadership Academy
Zodwa Shongwe - Swaziland Leadership Academy
Hlobsile Nkonde - Discipleship Team
Deli Makhanya - Discipleship Team
Londiwe Lukhele - Discipleship Team
Vile Manana - Discipleship Team
Ncobile Mthethwa - Child Sponsorship Staff
Cynthia Mathonsi - Child Sponsorship Staff

Blog: discipleshipteam.myadventures.org
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The Anchor Team (Nsoko - Based)

We have seven Swazi staff based at the Anchor Center in Nsoko. These emerging leaders from the local community reach out on a daily basis to minister in a variety of ways in their community.

Sanele Magagula - Discipleship Team
Phindile Mabuyakhula - Discipleship Team
Celimpilo Vilane - Leader, Discipleship Team
Nelsiwe Lukhele - Discipleship Team
Simanga Mabuyakhulu - Facilities
Veli Ngcamphalala - Driver
Thandie Dlamini - Clinic Assistant

Blog: anchorteam.adventures.org
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Matt (Jumbo) & Carike Gerber (Swazi Based)

Hometown: Manzini, Swaziland
Family: Clara - 1
Favorite part of my job: Seeing beautiful, thankful little Swazi faces! Building relationships with the local people and watching the joy on the kids' faces as they play.
Little Known Fact: Jumbo - I grew up in a children's home; my dad was the director! - Kriek - I LOVE watching Cake Boss!

Email: jumbo@adventures.org & carikegerber@adventures.org
Phone: Jumbo - +26876022030 Carike - +26876022031
Blog: jumbogerber.myadventures.org
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Steve & Amy McAdams (Swazi Based)

Hometown: Steve - Orrville, Alabama & Amy - Atlanta, Texas
Family: Katie 13, Maggie 10, & Ellie 8
Favorite part of my job: Steve - Watching kids who literally have NOTHING play, smile, and laugh while being joyful and content! Amy - Providing transportation to the clinic for those who would not be able to get there otherwise!
Little Known Fact: Steve - I was a cheerleader in college. Amy - I have ridden in a barrel race.

Email: stevemcadams@adventures.org & amymcadams@adventures.org
Phone: Steve - 268-7602-4091 Amy - 268-7686-9983
Blog: themcadams.myadventures.org
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Mphumelelo Nkambule (Swazi Based)

Hometown: Timbutini, Swaziland
Favorite part of my job: Lelo is the project manager for all Swazi-based construction projects
Email: rimpumza@yahoo.com

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Rachel Ritsema (Swazi-based)

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Family: 4 siblings
Favorite part of my job: I plan to see a nation changed. I hope to raise up a group of leaders within the orphanage who will literally change the course of their country.
Little Known Fact: I was in something like modern dance (called Winterguard) for 10 years and miss it.

Email: rachelritsema@adventures.org
Blog: rachelritsema.myadventures.org
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Matt Slawson (U.S. Based)

Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Favorite part of my job: Either leading teams and watching God work and mold them or just spending time learning and growing in Christ with my brothers and sisters in Nsoko.
Little Known Fact: I have white water rafted on the Nile River.

Email: mattslawson@adventures.org
Phone: 816-308-3447
Blog: mattslawson.myadventures.org
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Erica Zeiler (Swazi Based)

Hometown: Loveland, Colorado
Favorite part of my job: Sitting with people at their homesteads & hearing how they continue to walk faithfully with their hope in God when their circumstances seem hopeless…and watching how God often meets those needs in tangible ways with specific passions & giftings in teams & individuals who come to serve.
Little Known Fact: I have never seen Star Wars.

Email: ericazeiler@adventures.org
Blog: www.intheblinkofmyeyes.blogspot.com
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