Mission Trips for Adults

Calling all 18+ adults who want to impact the world for Christ! If you’re ready to serve the nations for 1-3 weeks, then you’ll definitely want to check these trips out!
  • Age Range
    18 Years and older
  • Length
    1-2 Week Trips


A mission trip will not only have a profound impact on the ministry partner and community that are being served, but also on you and your group as you discover that your stories are part of the bigger story of what God is doing. You will experience God in a new and powerful way as you serve others in a new context.

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  • Brooke Pillar

    June, 2019 – Adult Trip | Philippines
    I thought this trip was an amazing and humbling experience. I had the opportunity to meet so many kind children and people- all so grateful and welcoming. They were so filled
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  • Vanessa Washington

    June, 2019 – Adult Trip | Philippines
    I enjoyed every aspect of this trip. It was God-centered and fun at the same time. If I had to choose, I think I enjoyed the feeding ministry the most. The joy of showing the love of Christ
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  • Ken Belliard

    July, 2019 – Adult Trip | Costa Rica
    What I enjoyed the most was how much love I felt from the group and how much unity we had as a group. Also, the experiences I had with the Holy Spirit all week was just
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  • Tierra Ellis

    July, 2019 – Adult Trip | Costa Rica
    I really enjoyed my trip with Adventures in Missions. It was beautiful growing in Christ alongside true spiritual warriors.
  • Eliana Almario

    June, 2019 – Adult Trip | Puerto Rico
    I wish the trip was longer! Overall, it was a great experience and a testament of God’s kingdom. The Project Leader was a fantastic encourager for us all. What I enjoyed the most
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  • Collette Konkel

    July, 2019 – Adult Trip | Puerto Rico
    Our project leader was amazing in all areas of our trip. I enjoyed the entire trip. I grew both in my faith and did things I never did before + stretched my faith + life. The accommodations
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  • Darlene Konkel

    July, 2019 – Adult Trip | Puerto Rico
    Everyone- team members, Project Leaders, locals- all were so giving. Seeing + feeling the growth in my team members + me were wonderful gifts from God + having people
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  • Kristen Ogle

    July, 2019 – Adult Trip | Puerto Rico
    My trip stretched my faith and communication skills considering the language barrier. I really enjoyed the set-up everyday and meeting new people. Our Project Leader was amazing and
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  • Tyson Stout

    July, 2019 – Adult Trip | Puerto Rico
    We did what God wanted us to do and gave all the glory to Him.


    Are you ready to make a change?

    Is your heart stirring for more, but you just aren’t sure what that looks like? We get it, the tension of living with one foot in heaven and one foot on earth is tough. But what if we could live every day like Jesus and the disciples did so long ago?

    The Bible isn’t just a storybook, it’s an action plan that exhorts us to go and serve and discover how to live every day with hearts beating for what God is doing on this earth.

    We wanted people like you (and us for that matter!) to have the opportunity to experience Heaven’s heart for the nations.

    All it takes is a YES in your spirit to answer the call of what you know God’s called you in your heart to do. Are you ready for a change? It’s time to make an impact and activate your passions!



    What does the cost of the trip include?

    The cost of your trip covers your food, lodging, Adventures t-shirt, journal, ministry expenses, international health insurance (if applicable) and other associated costs.

    Do I provide my own transportation?

    For mission trips in the U.S., you are responsible for your round-trip airfare/transportation to the trip location and transportation during the mission trip. For overseas trips, you are responsible for your round-trip travel/transportation to the city that corresponds to your location. Adventures will provide ground transportation upon your arrival.

    What is the minimum number of participants required to operate a trip?

    Participant minimums vary trip to trip. Check with your Missions Representative for your trip’s minimum.

    What vaccinations do I need to get for the trip?

    We are not doctors and have no medical training so we are not qualified from a medical perspective to say you should or should not get certain vaccinations. We suggest that you determine which vaccinations you may need by visiting the CDC website or consulting your local travel health specialist and reviewing their recommendations based on the country(ies) you will be visiting. Some countries require a Yellow Fever Certificate to enter, so pay particular attention to that.

    You may or may not choose to receive all the vaccinations recommended by the CDC or your physician. It is your personal decision what vaccinations you receive, but we recommend you seek a medical professional’s advice concerning that decision.

    When should I purchase my airfare?

    Do not purchase your airfare until you are directed to do so by your Admissions Representative. If a trip cancels due to lack of interest, Adventures will refund all money paid to Adventures but is not responsible for airfare and will not refund it.

    How will I find my Adventures Mission Leader at the airport?

    Your Mission Leader will be wearing an Adventures t-shirt, similar to the one you will receive prior to your departure date. You will be sent additional information from your Mission Leader directing you to a central meeting location.

    Where will I sleep?

    On the field, lodging varies per location. You may be provided a bunk bed or cot or you may be asked to bring an air mattress to sleep on the floor of a local church. Males and females will be separated for lodging. You will receive more information regarding your housing arrangements prior to your trip.

    Can I take a shower?

    Yes, however accommodations vary by location and it may not be in a traditional shower. You will have access to clean water.

    Can I bring my cell phone, iPod, or other electronic devices?

    You are welcome to bring your cell phone to take pictures, use as alarm clock, an ipod, etc. However, your cell phone may or may not have reception in overseas locations.

    Please evaluate your reasons for bringing phones or ipods on this trip. You are on the trip to minister to others, to serve God, and develop a deeper relationship with God. Phones and other electronic devices may be a distraction to what God is trying to tell you.

    That being said, we also realize phones can be great ministry tools! We want you to take pictures and video of your trip. And don’t forget to tag them with #adventuresinmissions when you post them to social media. Please note: Adventures is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices.

    How much spending money do I need to bring?

    How much spending money you bring depends entirely on your personal spending habits and financial situation. Remember, all your meals will be covered by Adventures. So, extra personal money would be entirely at your discretion.

    What is the dress code for my trip?

    Remember when you’re on the field in ministry, you represent God, Adventures, and local missionaries. Modesty is the key in guiding decisions of what clothes to pack; a good rule of thumb: when in doubt, don’t bring it. A general packing list and our dress code will be provided for you..

    Be prepared to cover up tattoos or remove piercings if the host cultures/ministries find them offensive. If this is necessary, your leaders will let you know this before you get in country.

    How do I apply for a passport?

    For information on applying for a passport for the first time, visit this website or make an appointment at your local post office. Generally, it takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks from the time of application for you to receive your passport. We must have your passport information before airline tickets are purchased so please get your passport ASAP. Sometimes it may take longer than 6 weeks to receive your passport, so apply now.

    Who are the Mission Leaders?

    Generally, Mission Leaders are adults who have led or participated in previous Adventures trips, and some Mission Leaders are Adventures staff. During your trip, your Mission Leader will be the liaison between your team and the ministry host, coordinating daily ministry schedules. The Mission Leader also facilitates nightly debrief sessions, encouraging your team to respond to what God is doing during the trip. Our goal is for you to have contact with your Mission Leader roughly 1 month prior to your trip.

    What are your safety and risk-management procedures?

    We at Adventures In Missions take the responsibility and care of our participants very seriously.

    The reality is the world can be an unsafe place. That truth is not limited to overseas travel. While we cannot guarantee safety, safety and security is a top priority for our programs. We set protocols to minimize risk while expanding each student’s exploration of God’s Kingdom.

    Our staff monitors safety concerns and issues around the world, including organized protests, political uprisings, medical alerts, and natural disasters. We maintain active communication with our international contacts and will change locations if we believe the risk level in an area is no longer appropriate for our participants.

    When is my money due?

    A deposit of $75.00 per person is required to secure each participant’s space on the mission trip. The remaining trip balance will be due in two equal installments. The first payment is due approximately 6 weeks days prior to your trip start date and the second payment is due approximately 4 weeks prior to your trip start date. Please refer to our Financial Policy in your online profile for specific any additional financial deadlines and policies.

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    When you know you’re loved, you can rest easy. Ready to share that same transforming love with the world? It’s time!