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Ever wonder: is this all there is? We can guarantee there’s more, much more out there. Jesus never played it safe with his disciples, following him was getting out into the mess and noise. It was being empowered, not because of what you know but because of who knows you.

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Learn to embrace minimalism in possessions and maximalism in lifestyle. Don’t worry. On month 9 when you’ve served on mountains, boated your daily commute, and eaten insects for snacks you won’t miss your flatscreen.

You’ll also learn more about yourself because you’ll learn to lay yourself down. Your team will become the closest tight-knit, super-secret-handshake family of your life. You might just shed those pesky pounds that have been nagging you since graduation.

Sounds Good? Get packing, because we have some slots warming up just for you.

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Sponsor a Child, Strengthen a Family

We’re Fighting Big Problems Worldwide

Family Strengthening

Adventures in Missions is about more than short-term trips, though we do love them. All of our trips globally plugin to great long-term programs. These programs  create the perfect environment for short trips to actually make an impact.

Our sponsorship programs are also keeping the end-goal in mind, they are about so much more than providing food and letters to children.

$45 per month meets immediate tangible needs by providing nutritious food and clean water. It also sustains long-term transformation by providing discipleship and opportunities to engage in programming to strengthen families as a whole that will ripple into the community for generations to come! 

Sponsoring a child with Adventures has the potential to transform and strengthen a family so they can pay it forward to their community.

Transformative Experiences with God

Missions that Leave You Marked


Trustworthy organization! This organization partners with the long-term vision of its ministry partners.

Jeremy C.

Multiple Great Trips!
I did a trip with Adventures in 2011 and then again in 2013.  I’ve had many friends go on trips with them up till today.  They’re an amazing organi…

Kylee K.

My first encounter with Adventures in Missions was through the World Race. It was on this journey that I really took ownership of my relationship w…

Abigail M.

Genuinely Care
One of the best mission organizations! They are NOT just in the business to make money. They genuinely care about each missionary, each staff membe…
Christopher Coop

Christopher Coop

No longer a slave to fear, as I now walk fully in my identity with Christ. Saddest part about this trip? In two months it is over for me. 🙁 Truthf…
Stacy Hume

Stacy Hume

Thank you for taking the time to care about my heart more than I ever did and for bringing me to life. And for fighting for me and with me to get m…