Respectful and Responsible Christian Missions

Missions with Purpose

Great ways our missions are different at Adventures In Missions

It’s important to us that your group has an opportunity to connect with Jesus and what He’s doing, both around the world and here in the United States. It’s just as important to us that your experience happens in the context of a plan for sustainability. Our long-term missionaries and ministry partners are doing fantastic work every day. Your short-term mission trip will be specifically designed to support that effort while inspiring your group’s relationship with Jesus.

Listening Prayer

Listening Prayer

We want you to have a new experience with Jesus that dramatically encourages your relationship with Him. God has things to say to you! During our mission trips, we intentionally spend time to listen.

Relationship-driven process

Relationship-driven process

More than just setting up a trip, we want to become your partners in ministry. We guide leaders through effect use of our platform of fundraising and communication tools.

Customized ministry

The Holy Spirit is already doing a great work in your group; it’s our role to understand your needs and come alongside what God is already doing in a unique way.

Trusted local partners

All of our ministry partners, both overseas and domestic, have a history of excellence in hosting short-term mission teams. We help you connect into an established ministry where your team can have an impact!

Quality leadership

Quality Leadership

All of our Mission Leaders have been well trained and are specifically prepared to lead each group. Each leader listens and responds with the groups interests at heart.

Sustainable missions

More than just designing an experience for your group, we work with ministry partners that have a long-term plan for sustainability. Your team will come alongside these efforts and can be confident that your service is actually helping.

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