The World Race

The World Race is a life-changing longer term mission trip offered by Adventures In Missions. It’s an opportunity to serve people in need and share the love of Jesus in some of the world’s most unique and challenging environments.

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The World Race Helps Communities Around the World

Participants on the World Race will often visit several countries with longer mission durations often spanning several months, partnering with local organizations to provide aid and support to those in need, while also sharing the hope and peace that comes from a relationship with Jesus.

Whether you’re looking to take a gap year, jumpstart your mission experience, or simply take a step outside of your comfort zone and make a difference in the world, the World Race is an incredible opportunity to do just that.

At Adventures In Missions, we believe that every person has the potential to make a positive impact in the world, and the World Race is a powerful way to put that belief into action. We hope you’ll consider joining us on this incredible journey!

Read What Our Racers Are Saying

The World Race Blogs are a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at the life-changing mission trip offered by Adventures In Missions. Written by participants on the World Race, these blogs offer a firsthand account of the incredible experiences, challenges, and growth that come with serving people in need and sharing the love of Jesus in several countries.

Through the World Race Blogs, you can learn about the unique cultures and communities that participants encounter on the trip, as well as the ways in which they are making a difference in the world and growing in their faith.

Whether you’re considering joining the World Race, looking for inspiration to serve others, or simply curious about what it’s like to be on a mission trip, the World Race Blogs are a great resource to explore.

At Adventures In Missions, we believe in the power of story, and we are committed to sharing the experiences and growth of our World Race participants with the world. So, be sure to check out the World Race Blogs today!

Support a Trip Participant through Adventures In Missions.

Thank you for your generosity and support in helping someone fulfill their dream of serving on a mission trip through Adventures In Missions. Your donation will make a significant impact in the life of a participant and the communities they will serve.

At Adventures In Missions, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of cross-cultural service. Your donation will not only help cover the costs of a participant’s mission trip, but it will also empower them to make a lasting impact in the lives of others and grow in their own faith and understanding of the world.

Thank you for your kindness and for helping us to carry out our mission of empowering individuals to serve and love their neighbors globally. Your generosity is truly appreciated and will have a lasting impact for years to come.

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