Commemorating 100k Missionaries Sent

Since its inception by Seth Barnes in 1989, Adventures in Missions has evolved remarkably, celebrating over 35 years of ministry and the monumental milestone of launching over 160,000 missionaries. This journey reflects our unwavering commitment to nurturing a generation of disciples who are radically committed to Jesus Christ. Our approach, grounded in prayer and relationships, focuses on illuminating the darkest corners with hope and compassion.

Seth Barnes articulates, “Our approach may seem counter-cultural, yet it is deeply rooted in the timeless methods of Jesus. We don’t rely on structured programs; instead, we listen intently to His guidance and step out in faith. Our vision is for a generation to witness the earth being enveloped in God’s glory, achieved through nurturing one relationship at a time.”

In an era where the quest for personal truth often leads away from traditional congregations, our mission is to inspire individuals to engage in a cause greater than personal ambition or societal expectations. We advocate for a life filled with purpose and adventure, one that transcends the mundane and reaches out to those in greatest need.

A testament to this impact is shared by a participant from Adventures Youth in Atlanta, who recounts the profound joy of sharing discussions about Jesus with children from refugee backgrounds. Such experiences underscore the significance of our work, where every challenging day is redeemed by moments of pure connection and transformation.

As we step into a new chapter, we celebrate the achievements of the past while looking forward with anticipation to the next phase of our journey. With over 70 destinations worldwide, Adventures continues to mobilize adults, students, and families to respond to the divine calling on their lives.

We invite you to join this ongoing legacy, to be among the forward wave of missionaries dedicated to extending God’s kingdom on Earth. Discover more stories and learn how you can contribute to this life-changing mission.

Are you ready to be part of the next wave of missionaries?