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Abigail M.

5 Stars
One of the best mission organizations! They are NOT just in the business to make money. They genuinely care about each missionary, each staff member, and each individual’s relationship with God that they encounter. AIM offers an array of different…

Aimee D.

5 Stars
Adventures in Missions trip the World Race was a great experience! I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for a great organization to go on a missions trip with that you look here first. They have trips for all ages, and stages of life.

Ale Maradiaga

5 Stars
Hermoso lo que hacen!! es uno de mis mas grandes sueños,poder servir como ustedes lo hacen!! Dios los bendiga! Beautiful what they do!! It’s one of my greatest dreams, being able to serve as you do!! God bless you!


5 Stars
Adventures in Missions is a catalyst for change in the world. This organization knows what it means to bring Kingdom and be the Church. Their program the World Race has impacted me in the best ways. I would absolutely recommend doing a program wit…


5 Stars
My mind has started to change. I believe that I really am a princess. Never before have I felt so valuable. Never before have I seen how much God loves me and what my significance is in Him

Christopher Coop

5 Stars
No longer a slave to fear, as I now walk fully in my identity with Christ. Saddest part about this trip? In two months it is over for me. 🙁 Truthfully, I am ready for my next season of life. Pressing into what Jesus has for me back home. Experien…

Drew D.

5 Stars
Adventures In Missions is an organization that is seeking how to best partner with God’s mission of reaching the world with the Gospel of Christ. They offer opportunities for both long and short term engagements, and seek to do both sustainably an…

Jade Plaid

5 Stars
I recently went to Peru through aim and I cannot explain how life changing it really was! There’s so many amazing things that God did in my life and so many wonderful people that I met along the way that I’m so grateful for and could never have re…

Jeremy C.

5 Stars
I did a trip with Adventures in 2011 and then again in 2013.  I’ve had many friends go on trips with them up till today.  They’re an amazing organization that leads with so much intentionality. The people there are actually passionate about what t…

Julia S.

5 Stars
I went on the World Race through Adventures in Missions in September of 2015 and it changed my life. It was one of the most difficult and rewarding things I’ve ever done. I would not be where I am today without the season I spent intentionally see…

Kate G.

5 Stars
Adventures in Missions cares deeply about discipleship and bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I’ve personally seen their leaders strive for excellence and humbly apologize when mistakes have been made. I personally went on a World Race …

Katlin Loftus-Miller

5 Stars
This organization is amazing. They taught me so much. It was a raw and real experience. They opened my eyes up what the world is really like. I broke out of my shell and grow closer to God. The people on my team have become family to me. We may li…

Kaylaynn M.

5 Stars
My time with the World Race was amazing. I’ve been on several other mission trips, but none like the race. It was an incredible experience, living and serving in local communities all around the world where I truly got to experience the culture an…


5 Stars
They are a fantastic organization that balance voyages of self discovery and discipleship. They find partners around the world that are doing amazing things in their communities and bring hands and hearts to them.

Kylee K.

5 Stars
My first encounter with Adventures in Missions was through the World Race. It was on this journey that I really took ownership of my relationship with God and the gifts He has given me to serve His Kingdom. The World Race was a truly empowering ex…


5 Stars
[I] was brought to tears as I saw the women share. It has been a dream of mine to have women from different churches coming together.


5 Stars
It is in the moments that the enemy is speaking lies to us that we should turn to God and ask Him, \”What’s my worth?\” God will tell us great and strong truths that will silence the lies of the enemy


5 Stars
Adventures in Missions is a raw organization. They mobilize so many to go to the nations and experience the move of God and it BLOWS my mind… only GOD. They don’t claim to be perfect and are always pressing into growth, which includes owning mis…

Rhianna M.

5 Stars
I went on the world race with AIM. It’s an awesome organization that equips and sends out missionaries all over the world to make an impact for the kingdom of God. Getting involved with Adventures in Missions will grow you as a person, encourage y…

Shannon Roediger

5 Stars
The Adventures in Missions staff are so fun, love Jesus, and go above and beyond to invest in our personal lives. They truly love Jesus and want to help us grow in our walk with him. I went there for training camp a few weeks ago and it was litera…


5 Stars
HIGHLY RECOMMEND This is a company I would recommend to anyone no matter their season of life. I feel cared for, stretched, grown and empowered in so many different ways. They take the time to teach you new tools and give you the freedom to make t…
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5 Stars
We had bought beautiful head bands for the women and when they broke into their groups for the session on worth, the leaders crowned them with a crown of beauty and spoke over them words of honor. When they came back to the big group you could see…

Brian Alonzo

5 Stars
For those who may see the World Race as just another mission trip, I would have to disagree.  It’s a classroom where the gifts God gives people and the realities of how those gifts were intended to shape and shake the world come together, complete…


5 Stars
Silence was broken in two women sharing stories they hadn’t before. New identities in Christ were sealed, worth was experienced, community bonds were created, declarations were yelled, and the weekend was sealed with communion.

Derek Begin

5 Stars
Adventures in Missions is honestly one of or if at least, the best Christian missions organizations that I have ever worked with or been a part of. God has used you in amazing ways and taught me so much in every area of my life –emotionally, phys…

Eric Hanson

5 Stars
That night, we saw the deaf hear, the blind see, and many people with back pains, headaches, stomach pains, and all sorts of afflictions healed right in front of us! That sort of thing became regular, or as regular as miracles can become.


5 Stars
After the forgiveness teaching we saw so many women confessing to one another the forgiveness they have needed to release to loved ones for so long. There were many tears shed, prayers of healing prayed over one another and stories shared of hope.

Jessica Smith

5 Stars
My team was exceptionally blessed. There was a wide variety of ministry opportunities… We faced trials and hard times, but overall my team worked incredibly well together and finished strong. Overall the ministries we worked with were Kingdom fo…


5 Stars
Then several of the women in my group knelt before me, took the bowl, pitcher, and towel and washed my feet. I’m still not sure why but something in me broke open. I started crying uncontrollably. I still don’t know what exactly happened. All I…


5 Stars
[One woman] was in a season of feeling a lack of God’s presence— when she would pray to God, she felt like He didn’t hear her. But today, she heard His voice and felt fully embraced by His love.


5 Stars
One of the women broke down crying telling us about God’s faithfulness throughout her life. On our last full day there she approached me and a squadmate with a translator. She said, ‘You gave me a real picture of love. I can now forgive, not becau…

Nate Evans

5 Stars
I can sum up my World Race experience in one word: Kingdom. Because in that word is the depth of true community, God’s heart for the orphaned, widowed and sex-trafficked, a hope-filled way to engage the world and the fullness of God which is the l…

Robby Riggs

5 Stars
God has a massive heart to love, forgive, and bring freedom, and he has given me a glimpse of it- I now hurt when someone hurts, I have passion for people in ways I can’t describe. I love deeper than ever even though my flesh wants to sometimes re…

Ron Walborn

5 Stars
Adventures in Missions does an amazing job of blending healthy discipleship and spiritual formation with Holy Spirit empowered missiology. Their theology is solid and their mission is clear. Jesus is their message and His Kingdom come is their goa…

Stacy Hume

5 Stars
Thank you for taking the time to care about my heart more than I ever did and for bringing me to life. And for fighting for me and with me to get me to the gates of the kingdom lifestyle, so that Jesus himself could walk me through. You are amazin…
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5 Stars
When serving internationally, I think a good test of success is whether or not your local partners think your ministry is impactful and for this retreat, that was certainly the case. We had a few girls/women from the ministry helping us translate …


5 Stars
One lady messaged me the night before the retreat and said she had read the info about Beauty for Ashes on the website. She said she wasn’t quite sure this retreat was for her because she wasn’t in a place where she felt comfortable ‘digging up th…
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