Adventures in Missions Beliefs and Actions in Response to Racism in America

Recent events where Black Americans have been wrongfully attacked and murdered highlight a history of racism that is abhorrent and must not be accepted. Racism is a sin against God and man. Christ followers and the Church in all its forms can’t rest until equality is achieved.

Adventures in Missions seeks to Awaken and Activate Christ Followers to their identity and role in His Kingdom.

Our beliefs are as follows:

  • Man was created in the image of God. A sin against man is a sin against God. Racism is an affront to God and His people. Genesis 1:27

  • We are commissioned as followers of Christ to be a force for His Kingdom. Therefore we will stand against all forms of racism in any dimension of society.

  • We acknowledge that religion has been invoked to support racism and we break all agreement with it.

  • We covenant to identify ourselves as members together of the body of Christ and ambassadors of the kingdom of God above any cultural, social, political, or economic identification or affiliation.

  • From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth and we will be agents of reconciliation and unity. Acts 17:26

  • We will advocate for the voice and the life of those impacted by racism until righteousness, justice and equality are achieved. Amos 5

  • We will exhort all people within our influence to embrace these core principles.

Our beliefs lead us to the following immediate actions:

  • The ministry and its leaders support (with our actions and funds) OneRaceMovement, an Atlanta based covenantal ministry focused on eliminating racism.

  • Additionally we will directly support their mission through direct engagement.

  • As leaders we will personally engage with our brothers and sisters in the Black American community to seek to understand their perspective and plight and come alongside their fight for equality.

  • We will prepare our upcoming WorldRace America squads to engage in the ministry of racial reconciliation by inviting pastors and alumni of color to teach and train them.

  • We will encourage Racers that departed the field early to find and engage in a local ministry seeking racial equality and at their discretion will transfer any remaining funds to support their engagement locally.

  • We will invite local Black American pastors to teach in our Monday morning staff worship.

  • We will pray that God and His people will serve to break the bondage of racism in this nation.

  • We will use our social media platform to exhort these principles by inviting in people of color to discuss them.


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