World Race Testimonials

If you or someone you know is interested in a World Race program, then you likely want to hear about the World Race from people who have actually experienced this journey.

Here are testimonials from few of our World Race alumni about their time with one of our programs:

– Kate Campbell

– Wayne Mask

– Katherine Westmoreland

– Aaron Nygaard

“The World Race changed my life, it has single handedly been the most impactful thing I’ve ever done. I witnessed God do incredible things around the world, and grew so much in my identity in Christ. I highly recommend the race to anyone wanting to grow, and experience missions!”

– Jordan Field, D Squad, January 2016

“That night, we saw the deaf hear, the blind see, and many people with back pains, headaches, stomach pains, and all sorts of afflictions healed right in front of us! That sort of thing became regular, or as regular as miracles can become.”

– Eric Hanson, A Squad, 2007

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