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The Center for Global Action exists to mobilize a generation to be passionate followers of Jesus who live out their faith whether at home, professionally, or church planting overseas.

Live missionally wherever you may go

We offer a leadership and discipleship program that equips followers of Christ to recreate biblical community through teachings, scripture, and activation.

Leadership Curriculum

What You’ll Be Learning

Know Yourself (& God)

  • Identifying false identity
  • Sonship
  • Cultural & generational identity
  • The father and mother heart of God
  • Emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health
  • Tools like the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs
  • Spiritual & redemptive gifts

Lead Yourself

  • Stewarding your influence
  • Spiritual authority
  • Self awareness as a growth path
  • Financial health
  • Goals & values

Lead Others

  • Hands-on activation in conflict scenarios
  • Team stages & dynamics
  • Weekly debriefs
  • Weekly house church
  • Capstone project

Work while you Study

CGA apprentices are encouraged to get-part time jobs. These jobs function as opportunities to minister to our local community, practically living a missional life wherever we go. Apprentices bring the truths they learn in the class into their workplace.

Work while you study with CGA
Live missionally

Get College Credit While Gaining Leadership Tools

Worship session

Through our partnership with College of Athens (CoA), a 4 year accredited Christian college, you can now receive up to 12 college credits for a semester of CGA. You can choose to apply these credits to a wide variety of leadership and ministry degrees at CoA, or transfer these credits to another university.

During CGA, you have the opportunity to get credit through these 4 classes:

  • CS 202

    The Great Commission: Discipleship

    3 Credits
  • CC 333

    Effective Prayer Ministry Tools: Ultimate Journey

    3 Credits
  • LS 312

    The Dynamics of Leadership

    3 Credits
  • LS 330

    Effective Leadership Communication

    3 Credits

What does it cost?

CoA offers a 50% discount to all students who are completing a program under Adventures in Missions. This means that the cost per credit hour is $150. You can choose to opt in for any or all of the four classes listed above, meaning that if you complete a full course load the total cost will be $1800 for a semester.

CoA offers a variety of ways to help students financially so that they can acquire these credits affordably and graduate debt-free.

  • Need-based scholarships

  • Financial aid

  • Payment plans

  • Opportunity to support-raise tuition

Experience community
College of Athens

Let’s chat about how you can earn college credit with CGA

Put your Faith into action:

Join a CGA Class!

Trip NameTrip CostRegister
August 2023: Aug 11 – Dec 17

Our semester-long program for alumni of Semesters, Gap
Year, or 11n11.
Location: Gainesville, GA


January 2024: Jan 11 – May 30

Our semester-long program for alumni of Semesters, Gap
Year, or 11n11.
Location: Gainesville, GA


August 2024: Aug 9 – Dec 13

Our semester-long program for alumni of Semesters, Gap
Year, or 11n11.
Location: Gainesville, GA


January 2025: Jan 10 – May 16

Our semester-long program for alumni of Semesters, Gap
Year, or 11n11.
Location: Gainesville, GA


Apply for CGA

Interested but not sure where to start?



Our curriculum is based on “know yourself, lead yourself, lead others”. We develop character and the ability to lead others emotionally and spiritually while understanding your true identity in Christ. We believe in hands on training, activation, and experiential learning.


We believe in gaining perspectives that challenge and develop your personal and spiritual growth. You will walk through intentional friendship and challenge with an accountability partner.


Our desire is for you to deepen your relationship with the Lord by cultivating His presence through prayer, spiritual disciplines, and new revelations.



You will learn to live in intentional community, both personally and professionally, while creating a culture of safety that cultivates authenticity, vulnerability, and fun.


We desire to best understand the heart and tactfulness of living in a culture of feedback. Apprentices continually push one another into sanctification and greatness.


CGA is designed to activate you into your identity in Christ. To do this, we ask that our apprentices live out a life of transparency with community in order to better serve and be served.

All World Race, 11n11, Gap Year, & Semesters Alumni can now apply for our Fall 2023 & January 2024 semesters of CGA!


  • Milestones:
  • $2,000 – Move-In Requirement
  • $3,000 – 2nd Month Deadline
  • $4,000 – 3rd Month Deadline
  • $5,000 – 4th Month Deadline
  • $5,950 – Final Month Deadline



  • Complete online application
              No application fee!
  • Provide References.
  • Phone Interview.


2023 Fall Semester:
August 11 – December 22

2023 Summer Semester:
June 9-July 31

2024 Spring Semester:
January 11-May 30

Email [email protected] with any additional admissions questions!


Ben Able

Ben Able

Program Instructor

Born and raised in a small town in South Carolina and kept it small with North Greenville University in Greenville SC. After getting a degree in Christian studies he married Libby, now his wife of 15 years. Ben and Libby went on the Race in July 2013. He started working as a Squad Mentor in January 2015 and has since taught in CGA for 7 years. Ben loves teaching, asking great questions and challenging lies and fears. He is passionate about helping people dream and think outside of what they imagine to be possible. Ben and Libby have two daughters, Rylee and Selah.

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