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Southeast Asia - Mission Trip

AGE RANGE: Women’s Trips Ages 21+


TRIP TYPES: Women’s Trips

Community Overview

South Asia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but this growth comes at a cost. Despite a growing middle class, a terrible rift exists between the rich and poor of this mainly Hindu country. More than just dollars and lifestyles, this gap began generations ago in the caste system, and it has left the lower-caste people of South Asia without hope. In South Asian culture, daughters are viewed as costly. Not only is a girl’s family expected to pay the expense associated with raising her but a bride-price, although outlawed, is still commonly expected by her future husband’s family.

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Activities and Opportunities

If you are hungry for relational ministry, this mission might well be the means to satisfy that craving. Every day, we work alongside local pastors and church members, walking the streets of their mission communities, visiting the sick and elderly, sharing prayer and love with everyone. We visit churches to worship and pray with them, to hear their stories, and to share ours. Perhaps our greatest contribution to the Kingdom work is our ministry of love and encouragement to the people of the local churches, and to their leaders.

  • Beauty for Ashes: Join us as we minister to the women of Southeast Asia. We will work together to plan and prepare women’s events that will bring hope, light, life and the love of Jesus to desperate hearts. 
  • Local Church Ministries: We will often get invited to the dedications of local churches or to attend other churches/church events where we can pray, share testimonies, and encourage other believers.


Your hostel is an oasis that makes it much easier to endure the sometimes hot and dusty days. A typical room has two, comfortable beds; a nice bathroom and shower; and air conditioning.

Travel & Transportation

You’ll arrange your travel with your Missions Advisor about two months before your trip. All local transportation will be provided.

Health and Safety

The safety of our participants is a top priority for us. We have both an internal Risk Management team and external Risk Management consultants. We use a multi-pronged approach to risk management – including monitoring information from reporting agencies and relying on the knowledge of our ministry partners. In addition to our own protocols (e.g., students must be with an adult at all times), our ministry hosts and partners will provide trip specific safety guidelines for the particular trip location. Our Project Leaders are trained in risk management and have access to both on-field and home-office support.

Cuba’s government is definitely a Communist dictatorship, but there has for some time been a relaxation in tension between the government and followers of Jesus. Churches are still watched, but it must have become obvious many years ago that Christians are only interested in changing hearts, reconciling them to God, restoring hope, purpose, and life in a Kingdom that is not of this world. Christians in Cuba are simply not political. They are absolutely no threat to their government. In spite of the serious poverty, crime is relatively scarce in Cuba. But you will not be positioned to be threatened by anyone. There is little danger of any kind here. Medical facilities and pharmacies are readily available. While hospital medical equipment is admittedly outdated, it still functions, and Cuban doctors are known worldwide for their excellent care and considerable medical skills.


You will eat freshly cooked food, prepared by cooks from our host partner churches. We will drink only purified water, drinks made with purified water, or imported sodas like Coke. If you have special food needs, it will be necessary to bring with you the foods you can consume. 

Registration and Payment

$500 Deposit: This deposit is required to reserve your trip. At this point, you will lock in your trip and we will keep in touch with you going forward about preparation. This deposit is applied to the total cost of your trip.

50% Payment: Half of your total trip cost will need to be paid 3 months before your trip.

100% Payment: The remaining balance is due 2 months before your trip.

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