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“It’s so evident that Frank loves the Lord and has a deep relationship with Him!”

Where are you from?

Tickfaw, Louisiana

What’s one word that describes you?


What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Playing drums, old cars

Where have you traveled for short-term missions?

Nebraska, New Mexico, Louisiana

How has your life changed because of missions?

I saw unbelievable poverty in the United States on an American Indian Reservation. It made me see how blessed I am


While on mission helping others in Albuquerque, NM.
We arrived and went straight to work on the field passing out blankets and socks until just before dinner time.
One of the families from the church told me and another man on the trip that we were having dinner with them at their home. We were excited, they also planned to take several of us to a Taos celebration with Drums the next day. After dinner which was amazing! They all cleaned up and said we will see you in the morning and left us their home for the night. It was the most humbling act of loving kindness and trust! I thought I went on mission to bless their community but it was I who was blessed! God showed me a level of trust from a christian family I’m not sure I was mature in my faith enough to duplicate. They taught me through example that God does truly own it all. Since that time I’ve been trying trust God’s people more with everything.