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“I’ll go anywhere with Karla!“
“It’s evident that she truly loves what she does and is so passionate about sharing the gospel with everyone she meets!”

Where are you from?

I was born in El Salvador, now I live in Damascus, Maryland.

What’s one word that describes you?


What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Serving/ministry, camping, kayaking, hiking, working with tools, cooking & baking!

Where have you traveled for short-term missions?

Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania, Illinois, North Carolina, New Mexico, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Colombia.

How has your life changed because of missions?

I’ve learned to hold my plans with my hands wide open and that the most important thing in ministry
is relationships!


One of my most cherished stories of the mission field happened in Puerto Rico a couple years ago. We were a big group and we were divided into 4 groups. 3 of the groups did construction and 1 did prayer walks. We started by walking the street in prayer and intercession asking the Lord to provide us with a divine appointment. After praying for a couple minutes one of the participants asked if we could pick up trash and clean up the street while we prayed. Suddenly a woman came out of her home and she asked us what we were doing? We talked to her for a couple minutes and asked her if we could pray for her? Her eyes welled up and she became a little guarded. But we continued to encourage her to pray with us. She began to cry and shared that she was about to commit suicide when she heard noises outside. She told us that she came outside to check what was going on and we were there. She shared that she had moved back to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to help her mom, but that she had recently passed and she found herself hopeless and unable to cope with all the loss. We circled around her, prayed for her and loved on her. Eventually we continued with our clean up and prayer walk. When we came back around a couple hours later she was blasting worship music and cleaning her home. We checked and loved her everyday while we were there. And to this day I continue to follow up with her. It was so humbling to realize that God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people who are willing to say yes! And that HE would use us to bring hope as HE saved and started transforming someone’s life.