2015 Annual Report


At Adventures in Missions, we seek to follow Jesus as He leads us to care for the lost and forgotten. In 2018 we saw our teams bringing hope to people around the world. You, our partners, sent us. We are so thankful for our partnership with you.

As we look back on 2018, we see that it’s perhaps the most fruitful in our history. We planted hundreds of churches, discipled thousands of young people, and every day, fed and cared for widows and orphans in 60 countries around the world. We’ve seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ spreading to countries where, in many villages, His name has never been heard.

We are focused on raising up a generation of radically committed disciples who embrace Jesus’ Great Commission. Thank you for believing in the mission God has given us. It was your financial support and prayers that made our work possible. Because you have chosen to partner with us, we continue to see the fruit of changed lives.

In so many ways, we’ve seen that the Kingdom is coming. Those who needed a touch from the Lord received it. They felt His care. God is on the move and we’re excited about where He’s taking us in 2019!

Seth Barnes
Executive Director
Adventures in Missions

Parent Ministry

Parent Ministry believes the parents of our participants are on their
own journey. In addition to providing a platform to answer parent
questions, we support and encourage the parent journey by
connecting parents to Adventures in Missions, to each other, and to
the work of God around the world through:

Parent Launches
Parent Vision Trips
Short Term Trips and Service Opportunities
Communities in Parent Facebook Groups
Volunteer Opportunities
Online Book Studies

As they release sons and daughters into their ministries, parents
move from “survival mode” to fully embracing the work of God in
their own lives.


Parents participating in WR and Gap Year Parent Vision Trips


Parents attendingparent launches
(for WR and Gap Year)


Parent volunteers serving Adventures and other parentst


Below is a breakdown of the our total revenue for 2015 and how those costs were allocated across the ministry. Program costs include everything involved with running our trips/programs. Admin costs include everything involved with running our ministry day to day. Fundraising costs include all money spent to help staff members and programs raise the financial support that goes back into the organization.

Total Revenue:$25,555,828

Total: $19,838,739
Program: $17,633,117 – 89%
Administration: $1,851,194 – 9.3%
$354,068 – 1.8%


Although the majority of our employees raise all or a portion of their own salaries, Adventures has ongoing material, administrative, and technological expenditures associated with maintaining the organization. We take great care to make sure we conduct our finances with integrity.



Fiscal transparency and accountability direct the financial actions of Adventures in Missions. We are members in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and commission an independent auditor to conduct a thorough annual audit. In addition, our board of directors meets routinely to regulate ministry management and performance.



As an organization, we work diligently to keep expenses low. As a ministry, we see the available resources as gifts to be judiciously administered. Our desire is to make the greatest eternal impact by making resources go as far as possible.


Stories Through Video

Bhutana’s Story (3:55 min)

A Call to Prayer (2:28 min)

Evan’s Story (6:55 min)

Stories Through Picture


Stories Through Blogs


A Hero Named Alan

“Jesus came for the dealers. He didn’t come for the righteous. He came for the unrighteous.”

Alan and I sat in a park right by the plaza in Phoenix, Durban. He told me a story. A story that was hard for me to believe.

Behind us was a huge mosque. The daily prayers echoed across the hills from the mounted speakers. On the adjacent hill, the police office and jail sat, surrounded by razor wire and fencing.

a hero named alan

My Date With A Prostitute

My friends and I had the weekend off so I decided to stay in a hostel and do my own thing. Although traveling with friends is definitely the way to go, it can get tiresome from time to time. So when the next morning came I woke up and headed out with absolutely no plan. The only thing I wanted to do was to try and get some pictures around the city or river.

Exploring huge markets and strolling through the different atmospheres of the city was amazing! After walking a few miles I had finally made it to the river and sat down for a little while to scope out the surroundings.

what no one tells you about going to haiti

What No One Tells You About Going to Haiti

We hear about the devastation and desperation in Haiti. We know the immense need for love and God’s presence, and of course food, water, and homes. We see pictures and stories on the news. We build up our own expectations on what it might be like there, but let me tell you; once you are truly there– nothing is at all like your predictions.

There is so much more there than the mind can even attempt to wrap itself around.

They will tell you about the heat, how unbearable it is and how crazy you are for going. They’ll tell you of all the risks in going; the health dangers and disease.

pick up your sword

Pick Up Your Sword: What God Told Me in a Refugee Food Tent

I can’t see anything.

It’s 9:32 pm, and I’m standing in four inches of dirty water, bits of wet cardboard and feminine hygiene wrappers floating around the tops of my feet. Wet babies scream somewhere over my shoulder, held in the arms of blank-faced siblings as their mothers struggle to communicate to my teammate, Emily, their hands waving wildly around, foreheads creased with stress. The damp air is a combination of dirty diapers and B. O., and the warmth of a dozen bodies crammed in the tiny tent sticks in my throat.