We saw God move in so many ways during 2019!

Whether you supported a participant on a trip or went on one yourself, thank you for playing a part in helping to advance the Gospel around the world.

This year, we discipled thousands of young people, teaching them how to make Jesus Lord of their lives.

We planted hundreds of churches in India, where the church planting movement is on fire!

In Eswatini, we fed and cared for nearly 8,000 vulnerable children every day.

Across our ministry, teens, families, men, and women are bringing the relevant message of Jesus to the nations.

Each year, we compile a report to be accountable to you and celebrate with you. This year is special because we are celebrating 30 years of ministry. It seems like yesterday that we were getting started in my garage!

Below are some stories of what God did during 2019 and over the last three decades.

Thank you for your generosity. Your partnership with us makes a difference as we seek to mobilize and disciple those we send and the nations we serve.

Seth Barnes
Founder & Executive Director
Adventures in Missions


1989 Adventures in Missions Launches

Seth and Heidi in the first office of Adventures in Missions – aka Seth’s garage!

Adventures in Missions took youth from Wellington, Florida on a missions trip to Mexico for our very first trip. The first office was in the garage of founder Seth Barnes’ home, and his kids and wife remember answering the phone, “Adventures in Missions!” Family friends remember coming to an envelope stuffing party for the first support letters ever sent. And the first two employees, Heidi Neulander and Lisa Finney, are still on staff with us today!

1995 The First International Base in Matamoros, Mexico

The Gonzalez Family serving in Matamoros, Mexico.

We opened our first international missions base: The Gateway in Matamoros! Every summer, we hosted hundreds of youth from dozens of churches. The Finney Family and the Gonzalez Family were some of our first long-term missionaries in Matamoros. Both families serve on staff with Adventures in Missions today.

1996 Adventures Campus as we know it

Seth Barnes and his kids shaking hands with former Georgia governor, Nathan Deal.

Adventures moves to our current campus at 6000 Wellspring Trail in Gainesville, GA.

2004 First Trip to Swaziland ignites new Adventures ministries

Seth Barnes and the King of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) in 2004.

Seth Barnes traveled to Swaziland (now Eswatini) with Bruce Wilkinson, founder of Walk Thru the Bible and Beat the Drum. That summer, Adventures in Missions mobilized hundreds of students to preach the gospel and teach on the value of abstinence. We taught in every secondary school in Swaziland, to fight the AIDS epidemic plaguing the country. While there, God spoke to Seth about the orphans and the widows. The dreams for starting our Beauty for Ashes Women’s ministry and Swaziland Care Points were born. In 2005, the Swaziland Long-Term Missions Base launched.

2006 The World Race is born

The original A-squad at the first World Race Training Camp.

The first World Race launched and Training Camp was in Seth and Karen Barnes front yard. The squads raced from one country to the next, thus the name, “The World Race!” The first squad raced from Mexico to Guatemala. Along the way, they focused on the same World Race values we celebrate today like listening prayer, community, intimacy with God, and spreading the Kingdom around the world.

2012 Bases

The base team in front of the Adventures Base in Parramos, Guatemala.

We started formalizing long-term missions bases around the world. Bases have added sustainability to our ministry efforts and have strengthened relationships with partners on the ground. The short-term teams we send work alongside our bases to provide additional support to our long-term ministry efforts in that region.

2012 First CGA Class

2012 CGA
A few of the students in the first CGA class

18 World Race alumni became the first class of Center for Global Action (CGA) students. This first group represented the beginning of second year programs for World Racers journeying with Adventures. CGA is a leadership and discipleship program designed to mobilize our alumni to continue to live out their faith and recreate biblical community whether at home, professionally, or ministering overseas.

2013 First Parent Vision Trip

Our first group of PVT Parents, Racers, and our ministry hosts in Kenya

Our Parent Ministry, which launched in 2012, hosted the first Parent Vision Trip for World Race F and G squads in Kigali, Kenya. Since then over 3,400 parents have joined their Racers on the field for these trips. Parent Ministry continues to create new opportunities to engage parents in missions and God’s activation in this season of their lives.

2018 Launched Alumni Landing Zones and Missional Communities

Map indicating Alumni Landing Zones, Missional Communities, and church partners

We launched Landing Zones and Missional Communities to begin connecting alumni with opportunities to use what they learned on the World Race to continue to impact the world. Landing Zones were the beginning of the Global Kingdom Network which includes ministry, church p, and business partners, and even Kingdom Life Coaches—all seeking to empower alumni to continue living out a Kingdom way of life after their experience on an Adventures missions trip.

2019 Continued expansion of our international bases

Gap Year Racers at our newest base in Costa Rica

Continuing the growth of our long term ministry base network, we launched our eighth base in Costa Rica. Our international bases continue to serve as both locations for discipleship and empowerment of the local communities as well as hubs for Adventures ministry teams to serve, and join-in with long-term efforts.



Total number of participants in 2019



Gallons of coffee consumed by GA staff in 2019

1,402 gallons of coffee


Country most served in 2019

#1 USA, #2 Thailand


Total number of participants EVER



Gallons of coffee consumed by GA staff EVER

20,908 gallons of coffee


Country most served EVER

#1 USA, #2 Mexico



Fiscal Year September 2018-2019

Below is a breakdown of the our total revenue for 2019 and how those costs were allocated across the ministry. Program costs include everything involved with running our trips/programs. Admin costs include everything involved with running our ministry day to day. Fundraising costs include all money spent to help staff members and programs raise the financial support that goes back into the organization.

Total Revenue:$18,850,800.78

Financial Supporters:35,885

Total Expenses: $20,084,750
Program: $17,286,616 – 86.1%
Administration: $2,493,188 – 12.4%
Fundraising: $304,946 – 1.5%


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It’s such a gift to share that Jesus is alive and powerful – that you can depend on Him always. We can’t think of anything else we’d rather have done with the last 30 years.

And you made this possible. We’re just one ministry. It’s people like you that we’ve partnered with who do the heavy lifting. Our mission is to mobilize a generation of radical Christ followers and establish the Kingdom of God around the world.
Thanks to you, it’s happening!