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Thank you for your interest in our disaster relief trips! At Adventures In Missions, we believe that it’s important to support communities that have been impacted by disasters, and we offer trips that allow individuals to serve and make a positive impact in these areas.

Our disaster relief trips provide a unique opportunity to come alongside communities and support their recovery efforts in tangible ways. Whether it’s helping with cleanup and rebuilding, distributing supplies, or simply offering a listening ear, our trips allow participants to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by disaster.

We’re passionate about serving communities in need and we’re grateful for the opportunity to do so through our disaster relief trips. Thank you for considering joining us on this mission to support and serve those affected by disasters.

Ways you can help

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Pray For

  1. Those affected.
  2. The local authorities.
  3. Our Ministry Partners
  4. Relief Teams aiding the rebuilding process
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All donations will be deployed toward our relief efforts

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Join us in serving communities in need through our disaster relief mission trips with Adventures In Missions.

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Send a missionary in your place ($600 sponsors one person for one week)

Adventures In Missions is a Leader in Disaster Recovery Mission Trips

From neighbors next door to friends on the other side of the world, Adventures in Missions responds to both domestic and international disasters.

We’ve mobilized thousands of people in response to disasters around the world, partnering with local churches and ministries to see physical and spiritual restoration in people’s greatest time of need. Relief efforts are a prime opportunity to share the message of hope we have in Jesus.

The focus of our efforts is on ministering to the people affected by these disasters. While we may do some minor demolition or physical rehab projects, our focus is on people. As such, we are not first responders.

Join the recovery effort next time disaster strikes

Stories From Relief Effort Mission Trips

Watch these inpiring videos about the meaningful impact our relief mission trips make around the world -experience the impact of our disaster relief efforts through trips with Adventures In Missions.

Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief

Fort Myers, Florida

Disaster relief efforts are crucial in restoring hope and rebuilding communities affected by natural disasters like Hurricane Ian. Restoring Harlem Heights in Fort Myers, Florida after Hurricane Ian is just one example of the impactful work that can be achieved through disaster relief missions. These efforts bring communities together, provide support to those in need, and bring a sense of normalcy back to affected areas. They also demonstrate the love and compassion of the larger community and help to bring hope to those who have lost so much. At Adventures In Missions, we are proud to be a part of disaster relief efforts like restoring Harlem Heights and to bring our skills, resources, and compassion to those in need.

Reconstruction in Mayfield

Tornado Relief in Kentucky

This summer, Adventures has sent out over three hundreds people to help with the reconstruction of homes and other disaster relief efforts in Mayfield. Although the Tornado has caused tremendous damage to the city and emotional trauma to many, our teams have had a chance to play a small part in loving and serving those who are in vulnerable situations. Over the course of the summer, our teams assisted in finishing two homes for people who lost theirs.

We so are grateful to be a part of the healing and reconstruction process of this city.

Baton Rouge Flooding

Floods Relief in Louisiana
Flash Flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana left 20,000 people in need of rescue, while homes were destroyed. We were able to serve alongside local ministry partners to assist them in rebuilding their communities. Steve Wallace and Alyssa wallace on the ground with Adventures in Baton Rouge.

Greece Refugee Crisis

Refugee Relief Effots

Over one million refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, the vast majority arriving by sea to the island of Lesvos, Greece. Since November of 2015, we’ve sent several short term teams and multiple World Race squads to Lesvos, Greece. Follow our Refugee Crisis Page for the latest stories.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Texas Hurricane Efforts

In 2017 and 2018, Relief Teams helped rebuild Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Since September 2017, we have made significant steps in helping the people of Houston recover and rebuild. We sought out those who have little hope of restoration without the aid of volunteers. We have found the elderly, widows, veterans, disabled, and the forgotten. There are literally thousands of families in Houston that will not get back into their homes unless someone helps them to rebuild. Relief Teams lived out the gospel as we helped those who could not help themselves.

Helping Rebuild in Haiti

Earthquake and Hurricane Relief

On a rainy day in August in Port-au-Prince, our friend Carl, an Adventures In Missions interpreter, shared a glimpse of what life in tent cities is like. He also shared some of his thoughts on how to help Haiti rebuild.

Since the 2010 earthquake, Adventures has had a steady a presence on the ground in Haiti, partnering with local ministries and helping with Disaster Relief. As the entire country recovers from the more recent Hurricane Matthew, the best way we can serve and partner with them now is through meeting physical needs. This is the open door to sharing the love of truth of Jesus with people recovering from this most recent disaster in Haiti.

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