Why Go on a Mission Trip?

How Mission Trips Help

Are Missions Still Important?
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Are Mission Trips Still Relevant?

In a word, Yes!

In addition to having a significant effect on the ministry partner and the community being served, a mission trip will also have an influence on you and your group.

You come to see how your experiences fit into the overall narrative of what God is doing. As you serve people in a different setting, you will have a fresh and profound encounter with God.

Are Mission Trips still Relevant?

Top Reasons to go on a mission trip

  • Adventure
    Do you ever experience a missing-ness, a sense that something is off? A conviction that there must be more than this?
  • Purpose
    You want to make an impact on the world. You desire to be a part of something greater than yourself.
  • Stepping Up
    The globe is a large place full with heartbreak, hunger, poverty, disease, and sorrow. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the size of the situation and believe you can’t make a difference. All too often, people look at the issues of the world and say: “Someone should do something about this”.

    You have the chance to politely enter someone else’s suffering and genuinely alter things. to create sustainability where there had previously been none. However, you must first take action and leave your comfort zone.
  • Frendship
    Often friendships made on mission are just deeper, richer, and more fullfilling. When you have shared experiences, emotions, victories, you have a lasting bond.
City Street in Dominican Republic
Missions Help You Find Your Place

Mission trips are not easy, and they will change your life forever.

Self Discovery

The easiest way to get your world turned upside down is on a mission trip. Find out how you may play a special part in delivering God’s kingdom to the needy. Allow Jesus to satisfy your own inner need while He works through you to impact the lives, neighborhoods, and hearts of those who are most in need.

Listen Well

Live responsively if you want to enjoy missions to the fullest. At Adventures In Missions, we inquire, listen in prayer, and then act in obedience. When we pray for direction and wait patiently for God’s answer, we frequently change. We start to fully live when we submit to him to the best of our abilities!

Just Go

You can start with a simple step. Spend a few days or weeks of your life becoming Jesus to someone who is in urgent need of hope. God has the ability to use you to make a difference. It is not enough to learn about God and live in a comfortable Christian cocoon. The church must vacate their cozy premises!
Missions Help You Find God

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