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At Adventures In Missions, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of servant leadership. Our joint objective is to train and send servant leaders on missions to improve the world, thus we promote openness, listening, and cooperation. Through our network of websites and blogs, we share the church’s passion and love for helping others and changing the world.
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The Journal

The Journal is a collection of stories and updates in blog post format. Each story shares an aspect of Christ with us, his church family.
Adventures In Missions Blog: The Journal

Our Staff and Participant Blogs

The mission blogs are special blogs for each missionary, staff, or participant to share their thoughts, feelings, and unique journey with others. With each blog forming a different facet of Christ to his church family.

Radical Living Blog by Seth Barnes

Seth has been serving in the ministry full-time for some time. In his own words: “He’s a work in progress.” Seth has discovered that the essential requirement for a connection with God is a desire to know him and spend time in his presence.

World Race Blogs

The World Race blogs help each World Race participant share stories from around the world of God’s love and provision with their support network and friends.

Center for Global Action Blogs

The Center for Global action blogs help each CGA participants share stories of God’s love and the their personal transformation with their support network and friends.

Adventures In Missions Blog: The Journal

The Adventures Network

The network – a collection of program websites, blogs and pages Adventures In Missions assists and operates.
Adventures In Missions Network