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Bases and Long-term Programs

Cambodia Base

Our vision is to see Cambodia transformed through discipleship, implement a holistic approach toward addressing the complex issues of poverty and strengthen families and communities through Biblical discipleship and teaching.

Bases and Long-term Programs

Eswatini Ministry Base

Our ministry in the Kingdom of Eswatini has been serving communities for almost 20 years. With a wide range of holistic programs including sports, music, food security, family strengthening, permaculture farming, leadership development, and more.

Bases and Long-term Programs
Give Towards the Guatemala Base

Guatemala Base

We exist to empower Guatemala by coming alongside pastors and leaders through community development, discipleship, and activation of the Church to establish the Kingdom of God locally and internationally.

Bases and Long-term Programs
Give Towards the Mexico Base

Mexico Base

We partner with Open Door Enterprises on the border of Mexico to bring relief to single moms, widows, refugees and vulnerable children. There is also work with a drug rehab center to bring the hope of Christ.

Bases and Long-term Programs
Give Towards the REAP Granada Fund

Nicaragua Base

We strive to create an environment where the people of Nicaragua will learn the Word of God and experience the love of Christ. We do this through sports ministry, marriage classes and retreats.

Bases and Long-term Programs

South East Asia Base

For the protection and safety of our missionaries in South Asia, we are not able to share information about this base publicly on this website.

Bases and Long-term Programs

Uganda Ministry Partnership

Greater Hope initiative strives to help South Sudan refugees in Uganda discover purpose and receive transformative discipleship. Our strategy is to support their education and manifold capacity-building ventures within the camps.

General Fund
Give: General Fund Donation

General Fund

Join us in spreading God's Kingdom throughout the world. Giving to the general fund assists us in meeting mission-critical requirements that have a long-term impact.

Planned Giving
Giving Options

Planned Giving Options

Planned gifts allow you to share the love of Jesus with others. Gifts of stocks and bonds, retirement funds, insurance, or real estate provide tax benefits while also transforming lives with the promise of the Gospel. Discover the finest planned gifts to help you achieve your objectives.

Give to Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes is a movement that invites women to the freedom that God intended for them. We establish safe spaces where people may tell their stories, make relationships, and receive grace. Beauty for Ashes is a program as well as an event in which we will take women through their stories, utilizing the Holy Spirit and community to bring healing to places that have not yet been brought to light.

Support Church Planting

Church Planting

Support the crucial work of planting churches in unreached areas. Many people will hear the good news about Christ's atoning death and the freedom of a life lived with Jesus as a result of your generous giving.

Give to Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Efforts

We've organized thousands of people in response to disasters all across the world, collaborating with local churches and ministries to witness physical and spiritual restoration in people's most desperate times. Relief operations provide an excellent chance to communicate the message of hope that we have in Christ. We do small demolition and physical rehabilitation work, the primary focus is on people.

Give towards Missionary Care

Missionary Care Fund

Our stateside staff in the long-term missions department are committed to providing quality pastoral care for our staff overseas. This includes trips to the field, help with the cost of counseling and debriefing for our cross-cultural workers, access to various resources, and a biannual retreat for those working overseas. Good member care contributes substantially to sustainability on the field.

Support Parent Ministry

Parent Ministry

We support and encourage the parent journey as your child participates on mission. We help link you with Adventures in Missions, each other, and God's work throughout the world, in addition to giving a forum to answer your questions.

Give Towards Pastor Sponsorship

Pastor Sponsorship

Support local pastor training and sending. These pastors go into unreached areas where it would be difficult to send missionaries. This is high impact work as many people will have heard about Jesus for the first time in part because of your generous donations.

Sponsor a child, support a family

$45/month provides a child with nutritious food, clean water and discipleship. Additionally, their family will be invited to take part in programs that strengthen the family unit, leading toward community transformation.
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Adventures in Missions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a long-time member of ECFA. Your donations are tax deductible based on the policies and principles detailed at

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Stewardship at Adventures In Missions

  • We are a Non Profit Organization

    Adventures In Missions is an established 501(c) (3) non-profit missions organization. We work diligently to keep expenses low. As a ministry, we see the available resources as gifts to be judiciously administered. Our desire is to make the greatest eternal impact by making resources go as far as possible.

    Although most of our employees raise all or a portion of their own salaries, Adventures has ongoing material, administrative, and technological expenditures associated with keeping the ministry going. Great care is taken to make sure we conduct our finances with integrity.

  • We strive for fiscal transparency

    Fiscal transparency and accountability direct the financial actions of Adventures. We are members in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and commission an independent auditor to conduct a thorough annual audit. In addition, our board of directors meets regularly to regulate ministry management and performance. We also make our most recent audited Financial Statement available for public review.

  • Missions Invigorate Adventures

    Having sent over 110,000 missionaries since 1989, we know the harvest is great. We are invigorated by the opportunities to share the life, hope and love that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ and our brothers and sisters in Him. We are blessed to have partners who make it possible for missionaries to go into the field and share every day.

  • We’re Grateful for Your Support

    We believe that being a good steward is being grateful and expressing it. We are thankful for the abilities and responsibilities we have been given. We are thankful for the freedom to worship the one true God in this country. We are thankful for the resources this ministry has been trusted with: the people, their giftings, the tools, our partners and relationships, and the finances the Lord has entrusted to us in order to do His work. We constantly pray for the wisdom to steward these blessings well and to express our gratitude in ways that glorify the Lord.

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