2016 Annual Report


December 2016

As we enter a new year, I’m thankful to be focused on bringing hope to the darkest places.

In 2016, we did this by starting for-profit hostels. We believe God wants to see His people bring His Kingdom to neglected places around the world. We believe to do so, He wants to use a network of Kingdom-focused hostels & guesthouses run by alumni Racers ministry partners.

They are living out the Gospel where it’s needed most.

Across our ministry, we’ve seen teams put feet to pavement with the message of Jesus. Teens, families, men, and women are bringing the real and relevant message of Jesus to the nations—from the shores of Lesvos, Greece to the streets of Baton Rouge.

Whether you supported a participant on a trip or went on one yourself, you might not know much about Adventures beyond the program you’ve seen. Each year we compile this report as part of our effort to be transparent and accountable to you.

Here are some stories of what He did in 2016. Thank you for your generosity. Your partnership with us makes a difference as we seek to mobilize and disciple both those we send and the nations we send them to.

Seth Barnes
Founder and CEO, Adventures in Missions


a month by month timeline of what’s been going on at Adventures


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We caught our breath a little and kept preparing for summer. Spring short term mission trips began, and we sent a Parent Vision Trip to Swaziland!


We trained 80 short term mission trip leaders in preparation for our summer trips!


We launched the 2nd World Race Expedition Squad in April, and spring Passport teams returned after an exciting semester on the field.


We kicked off summer with short term trips for adults and youth groups—over 2,400 students and adults serve God on these trips over the course of the next three months!


Summer is busy at Adventures! We hosted Training Camps for August Gap Year and World Race squads, Summer Passport teams, and Ambassador trips, and held a Project Searchlight for returning July 2015 Racers.


All Ambassador and Passport teams returned from the field, and we hosted a Gap Year Training Camp.


6 World Race Squads launched to the nations. Adventures hosted Training Camp for October Gap Year and World Race Squads, and a Project Searchlight for returning September 2015 Racers. We welcomed hundreds of short-term missionaries home from the field.


Fall opened with a Gap Squad Launch and 2 Disaster Relief trips sent to Baton Rouge. The Fall semester of CGA began, and Fall Passport trips launched to the field. The month closed with the Awakening, the biggest gathering of Alumni Racers ever!


Our 6 October Gap Year and World Race Squads launched to the field, and then we hosted a Training Camp for January 2017 Squads.


January 2016 World Race Squads and Fall Passport teams returned to the States!


December is a fun month to be at the Adventures office! We celebrated Christmas with our annual Adventures Spirit week, complete with an office decorating competition and themed dress-up days like “Tacky Christmas Sweater Day”, followed by our staff Christmas party!


With the generous financial support in 2016, Adventures in Missions mobilized more than 3,500 missionaries to the field.

Total Revenue:$23,440,171

Total Expenses: $21,822,083
Program: $18,933,180 – 86.8%
Administration: $2,399,903 – 11%
Fundraising: $489,000 – 2.2%


Although the majority of our employees raise all or a portion of their own salaries, Adventures has ongoing material, administrative, and technological expenditures associated with maintaining the organization. We take great care to make sure we conduct our finances with integrity.



Fiscal transparency and accountability direct the financial actions of Adventures in Missions. We are members in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and commission an independent auditor to conduct a thorough annual audit. In addition, our board of directors meets routinely to regulate ministry management and performance.



As an organization, we work diligently to keep expenses low. As a ministry, we see the available resources as gifts to be judiciously administered. Our desire is to make the greatest eternal impact by making resources go as far as possible.


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