World Race Reviews

If you or someone you know is interested in a World Race program, then you likely want to hear about the World Race from people who have actually experienced this journey. 

Here are reviews from few of our World Race alumni about their time with one of our programs:

“I was challenged and stretched in my faith while on the World Race in a way that has produced lasting change. It has opened my mind to what a life of discipleship looks like. God could have done this work in any number of ways but, for me at least, he used AIM and the World Race.”

– Drew Dahlsten, X Squad, 2015

“This was the hardest, but best year of my life.”

– Kristina Kalmikov, D Squad, 2016

“For those who may see The World Race as just another missions trip, I would have to disagree. It’s a classroom where the gifts God gives people and the realities of how those gifts were intended to shape and shake the world come together, completely changing a life, spanning the globe through relationship after relationship.”

– Brian Alonzo, F Squad, 2009

“The things God did in me and through me as I traveled the world were beyond anything I ever could have asked for or imagined, and my life is drastically and amazingly different because of it.”

– Stephanie May Wilson, A Squad, 2011

“The World Race: Gap Year was the most challenging and life-changing endeavor that I have ever experienced. I built life-long relationships with people all over the world and encountered God in ways that I never thought possible. I learned what it truly means to dream big with the Lord every day. It was by far the most meaningful nine months of my entire life.”

– Whitney Rogers, Gap Year E Squad, 2015

Rashidat Odeyemi

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