Recent Changes Due to COVID-19

In a time of greater chaos and fear than we’ve seen in generations, Adventures continues to work tirelessly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that reflects Christ’s love and faithfulness. 

Due to the recent virus threat, our leadership team made the difficult decision to bring home almost 550+ participants between March 14-19. Our staff worked around the clock to book flights, communicate with parents, and set up logistics to safely bring these participants home. Please be in prayer for our missionaries as they continue to adjust to their new normal as a result of these sudden and unexpected changes.

Although this was a surprise for all of us, this was not a surprise to God. We believe He is sovereign over all things and we see this as an opportunity to minister to our communities who are also hurting from this virus. 550 participants are now back in their stateside communities to share the same good news and be the hands and feet of Jesus. We believe God will use this all for His glory. Please also be in prayer for our long-term missionaries who are still overseas during the pandemic—firmly placed where God has called them to be the light.

If you’d like to make a financial gift to support Adventures in Missions’ ministry at large during this unprecedented time, please click here to join us as a Maximum Impact Fund Supporter.
If you are interested in learning more about what some of our missionaries are doing to serve those in need domestically and abroad during these times of crisis, you can see our crowdfunding campaigns here.