Keeping everyone healthy and safe

Effective this summer, we developed a COVID team, with the goal of ensuring we remain compliant on all fronts: staff, our various programs and participants, and campus engagements. This team comprises key leaders from various departments, backgrounds and perspectives, and they meet between 2-5 times weekly.

This core group of leaders are consistently in-tune with both state/local regulations and our programs’ goals and plans, and they work to merge the two. They work together to make informed, aligned decisions, answer questions, and develop and execute plans that best serve the organization while remaining compliant with government regulations. 

Under their direction, we implemented several new safety measures on campus, including campus-wide electrostatic cleaning and sanitization, mandatory daily health questionnaires for our on-campus participants, a temperature-taking station set up at the front desk, social distancing and mask-wearing, and a work-from-home mandate for all staff not involved in missionary training on campus.