Ambasssador Program

Spend your summer on an adventure far from home. Imagine yourself loving on orphans in the Philippines, discipling the displaced in Kenya or ministering to Amazonian villagers from a boat in Peru. Whatever you decide, it will be a summer that you will never forget. Join other high-school students (ages 14-18) for a mission trip to the most exotic places on earth. Trips vary from two weeks to four weeks. What are your next steps to join us this summer?

  1. Start an application
  2. Pay your $39 application fee
  3. Request an interview date and time (It's a short conversation to get to know you more!!)
  4. Follow-up call to let you know your acceptance status
  5. $100 deposit to secure your spot
  6. Talk with a fundraising coach to help with fundraising and documents!!
  7. Start the adventure of a lifetime!!

Trips By Location Trips By Date
2 weeks
7/3/2015 - 7/17/2015
6/26/2015 - 7/10/2015
Puerto Rico
6/26/2015 - 7/10/2015
3 weeks
7/3/2015 - 7/24/2015
6/26/2015 - 7/17/2015
4 weeks
7/3/2015 - 7/31/2015
7/3/2015 - 7/31/2015
7/3/2015 - 7/31/2015
6/26/2015 - 7/24/2015
6/26/2015 - 7/24/2015
7/3/2015 - 7/31/2015

About the Ambassador Program

Are you in high school (14-18 years old) or know a high school student who's ready for more? An ambassador is one who is sent to a foreign country to represent his homeland - its government and national interests. Ambassadors are 14-18 year olds who venture overseas for 2-4 weeks every summer to represent Jesus, his kingdom and his heart for the world.


FAQ for Ambassador

About The Leaders
About Fundraising
About Safety
What does the cost of the trip included?
The cost of the trip includes airfare from Atlanta, GA to/from the project site, housing, meals, and the cost of any ministry opportunities while in country. In addition to the trip cost, you will be required to raise funds to cover the cost of a required medical insurance plan through MissionSafe. The estimated cost of this plan is $2.35 per day for the length of the trip.

Additional costs may include your passport, luggage and visa fees (if needed), transportation from your home to/from Atlanta, GA, etc.

What shots do I need to get for the trip?
We are not doctors and have no medical training so we are not qualified from a medical perspective to say you should or should not get certain shots. We suggest that you determine which shots you may need by visiting the CDC website or consulting your local travel health specialist and reviewing their recommendations based on the country(ies) you will be visiting. Some countries require a Yellow Fever Certificate to enter, so pay particular attention to that. You may or may not choose to receive all the immunizations recommended by the CDC or your physician. It is your personal decision what immunizations you receive, but we recommend you seek a medical professional’s advice concerning that decision.

What will I eat?
Be prepared for foods that may be outside of your comfort zone. You will be fed three meals a day and you are expected to eat the foods that are prepared for you, even though you may not prefer those foods. Remember “Where he leads me, I will follow. What he feeds me, I will swallow.”

Where will I sleep?
At Training Camp, you will be housed in cabins with bunk beds. On the field, you may sleep on the floor, in a bed or in a hammockBring a sleeping bag and pillow. Trip specifics will be posted on your team blog.

Can I take a shower?
Yes, but it may not be in a traditional shower. You will have access to water, but you may not be able to bathe on a daily basis.

Will I have electricity?
You may or may not have electricity at your location so please leave the flat irons and hairdryers at home.

Can I bring my iPod or other electronic devices?
Yes, but please evaluate your reasons for going on this trip. You are on the trip to minister and develop a deeper relationship with God. iPods or other electronic devices may be a distraction to what God is trying to tell you.  We ask that you may wise choices with the music on your iPod. Adventures is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices. No laptops allowed.

Can I bring my cell phone?
No. You will not be able to use it in a foreign country so please leave it at home.

How much spending money do I need to bring?
How much money you will want depends entirely on your personal spending habits and financial situation.  A moderate amount would be approximately $100/month. Remember, all your meals will be covered by Adventures so extra personal money would be used for souvenirs, extra internet time (if applicable), personal items, additional snacks, etc.

What is Training Camp?
Training camp takes place immediately prior to your trip. You will arrive at the Atlanta airport the first date of your trip and be transported to the Adventures Office in Gainesville, GA for Training Camp. At Training Camp, you will participate in team building activities with your mission team, focus on your personal spiritual growth and learn skills that will equip you to minister more effectively on the field. This is not a boot camp.  At the conclusion of Training Camp, you will be transported to the Atlanta airport to depart for the field with your team.

What is Debrief?
Debrief is a time to reflect over what God has done in your life, your team members’ lives and the lives of those you ministered to throughout the summer. Your team will have a short debrief in country then you will fly back to Atlanta for a one night stay in a local hotel. During this debrief time, you will have the opportunity to share what God has done on your trip with other teams. At the end of Debrief in Atlanta, you will fly back to your home. NOTE: Training Camp and Debrief are included in the dates of your trip.

What kind of clothes should I bring? Shoes?
It is important to remember that when you are on the field ministering, you are representing God, Adventures in Missions, and local missionaries. Modesty is the key to all clothing you decide to bring with you. If you are questioning whether or not you should bring it, then leave it at home. 

Here are a few guidelines for clothing choices:
  1. Bring something modest to sleep in.
  2. No short, tight, or clingy clothing is permitted. Wear one size larger in tops to ensure your shirt is not too tight.
  3. No sleeveless shirts or tank tops are permitted for girls or guys.
  4. If you cannot raise your arms above your head or touch your toes without showing your stomach or lower back, leave it at home.
  5. Shorts must come to the top of the knee. Capris and Goucho pants are great options!
  6. Skirts and dresses should be below or close to the knee. Depending on location, skirts should be to the ankle.
  7. Bring a one-piece swim suit and think modest. Guys, normal swim trunks should be fine. Girls, be prepared to wear shorts and a shirt over your swimsuit.
  8. Men need long pants in most cultural situations.
  9. Make sure clothes are not stained and/or torn. You do not have to wear your best clothing but make yourself presentable. It may be offensive to the locals if you look sloppy.
  10. Bring clothes for church services. Boys should bring khakis pants and a collared shirt.  Girls should bring skirts below the knee and loose blouses.
  11. Bring closed toes shoes for ministry opportunities. You may bring flip-flops, Chacos or other shoes for recreation time.

Depending on your location and the cultural norms, we may need to adjust the dress code. In some countries it will be necessary for women to be in long skirts all the time. Some cultures view men in shorts as little boys and you will not receive the respect of an adult.

Any tattoos or piercings may need to be covered at times if it offensive to the cultures or ministries. Your leaders will let you know this when you get in country. You may be asked to cover the tattoo or take the piercings out while involved in ministry.

Will we be able to wash our clothes?
You will be able to hand wash your clothes. Please bring small travel laundry packets for laundry. Be prepared to wear your clothes more than one day.

Will I be able to contact my parents while I am on the field?
Yes, but the times and methods will depend on the location of your trip and how long you are on-site in the country. Internet access is not available in every country.

How do I apply for a passport?
For information on applying for a passport for the first time, visit this website or make an appointment at your local post office. Generally, it takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks from the time of application for you to receive your passport. We must have your passport information before airline tickets are purchased so please get your passport ASAP. Sometimes it may take longer than 6 weeks to receive your passport, so apply now.

How will I find Adventures at the airport?
Once your plane arrives and you have claimed your luggage, please meet Adventures in the center Atrium on the main level of the Atlanta Airport. You will be met at the Atlanta Airport by Adventures staff wearing the Adventures in Missions staff T-shirt at the Clock Tower.  Upon arrival, we also ask that you contact your parents to let them know you have arrived safely.

Can I drive to Adventures Office in Gainesville, GA?
You may be dropped off in Gainesville, but you may not leave your car at our office for the summer. If you are dropped in Gainesville, you need to be picked up in Atlanta after debrief. Your team will not be transported back to Gainesville after your trip.

Does Adventures provide scholarships or financial assistance?
No, we are not able to provide any financial assistance but you can raise support to cover the costs of your trip.  We require all participants to send a support letter once they are accepted to our programs.  The support letter is used to help you raise financial support and build a prayer team.  The reality is that God has called you to serve Him and you can be sure that God will always provide what you need to accomplish the things He calls you to do.

How safe is the mission field? What security measures are taken?
Adventures in Missions stays aware of the political situations in and around our project locations.  We also partner with local ministries to ensure the safety of our ministry locations in country.  We would never send a team if we felt it put our participants lives at risk.  We do not allow participants to go anywhere alone or without a leader while on the trip. We strive to ensure safety on all of our trips but we cannot control all situations.  Please be in prayer for safety!

Who are the Leaders?
Generally, leaders are 21 years old or older. Most have lead or participated in previous Adventures trips.  We perform background checks on all leaders prior to their acceptance. A target of 6 students to 1 leader is what we desire for our ambassador trips. Some examples of past Ambassador leaders include Adventures staff, prior Ambassador leaders, and Passport and World Race participants who have shown desired leadership qualities.

Can I bring my cell phone?
You are welcome to bring your cell phone to take pictures, use as alarm clock, etc. However, we do not permit students to keep their SIM cards during the trip. You will have designated times throughout the trip to access a phone and/or the internet (depending on your location), and your trip leaders will have phone access for emergencies, so there is no reason for you to need calling or texting abilities. Your SIM card will be collected at the start of your trip and returned to you before you go home.

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Info for Parents about Ambassador

Parents, have questions? Talk to a staff member today! or call 1.800.881.2461 ext. 2290

Dear Parents,

While your high school student may believe that they’re the ones setting out on this adventure, we know that you are probably taking the biggest risk of all! Sending your student on a mission trip, away from home, and possibly to the other side of the world could be more of an exercise in faith for you than for them. While they get excited about a new culture, playing with kids, exotic locations and living out the Gospel, you think about things like safety and transportation, risks in third world countries, and sickness or emergencies. And while we know you’re excited about this experience with them, we understand your need to make sure they’ll be safe and well cared for.

We believe in your student and the impact they can make around the world. And we believe in you and the calling God has given you to help your student navigate through this world. So, we’ve put together this resource to introduce you to Adventures and the Ambassador program, and answer some common questions you might have. You’ll find information about safety, leaders and the history of Adventures. Our admissions staff is always available to talk with you about questions or concerns, and to walk you through the next steps to get your students to the field.


Ambassador Staff

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Welcome to the Short-Term Missions Leadership Recruiting Page!

The Adventures Short-Term Missions program offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, families and groups to step out of their routine and into a life transformed while serving the needs of strangers. Participants move beyond the familiar comforts of home into remote foreign villages to care for and comfort the lonely and listen to the stories for a people who have never known a loving God.

Our desire is that God would use Adventures to raise up a generation of radically committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Short-Term Missions Leadership Development aims to train well-qualified leaders to hear God's voice, facilitate quality ministry interactions, project professionalism, and provide the best logistical and spiritual leadership possible in each of our field locations. Each year, our volunteer Project Leaders serve in more than 40 locations around the world. They work with Adult Trips, Family Trips, Youth Trips, Ambassador Trips, Disaster Relief Trips, Adventures Treks and Custom Trip Requests.

Want to join our top-notch leadership team and help participants take the Gospel to the lost, hopeless and hurting around the world?

Project Leaders serve as point people, directing both the spiritual and logistical aspects of a mission project. They work in teams to facilitate groups of 15-50 participants or under the leadership of a Project Director to help even larger groups.

  • Age 21+
  • Integrity and spiritual maturity
  • High-level organizational, communication and problem-solving skills
  • Previous leadership experience
  • Previous missions experience on an Adventures in Missions trip
  • Attendance at annual Candidate Camp in Gainesville, GA

  • Application Process
  • Fill out the Project Leader Application
  • Submit TWO References (One should be from a Pastor, small group leader or spiritual mentor).
  • Complete a Phone Interview
  • Attend Candidate Camp
  • Receive Certification as a Short-Term Missions Project Leader

  • Crew Leaders are trip participants who have the additional responsibility of cultivating relationships with a group of 5-7 same-gender participants. They also assist Project Leaders with various tasks, including facilitating small group discussions, leading prayers and handling daily chores. Crew Leaders raise 100% of their support.

  • Age 18+
  • Commitment to Serve the Team
  • Interest in Growing as a Leader

  • Application Process
  • Select an Adventures Short-Term Missions Trip
  • Submit a Participant Application
  • Submit ONE Spiritual Reference
  • Complete a Phone Interview
  • Receive Certification as a Short-Term Missions Crew Leader