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Caribbean Mission Trip

An adventure awaits you in Jamaica!

Jamaica’s beauty attracts millions of tourists every year, but poverty lurks just beyond the resort gates.

Lush mountains descend to white, sandy beaches. High in the hills, families crowd into ramshackle houses, little more than sheds. And those families are the lucky ones. Homelessness is rampant, and mothers abandon children they can’t feed. 

Many Jamaican people turn to false gods to answer their desperate pleas for help.

Jamaica needs hope now more than ever. You can bring that hope.

The Salvation Army has a strong ministry presence in Jamaica, and partnering with them in their community outreach is a great way to build relationships with the people. From serving in food kitchens, to helping with sports ministry and VBS at a school for the blind and hearing impaired, to finishing long neglected projects, there is a lot your team could do to serve the people of Jamaica.

Wake to the smell of the world’s best coffee, then bring meals to homeless children. Feed their bodies and their souls by sharing Jesus in the streets and parks of Jamaica’s cities.

Your team will leave the easy life of the tourist areas behind and be immersed in the real Jamaica. You will experience first-hand the deep need of the forgotten. You will show love and bring promise to the brokenhearted. And you'll deepen your own faith in the process.

In the true Jamaican way of "No worries, mon," plans tend to change. An open heart and a willingness to check your expectations at the door and serve where the need arises will ensure that you have an adventure to remember in Jamaica. You might even have the opportunity to climb the breathtaking Dunn’s River Falls on a free day.

Surrounded by the riches of tourism in one of the most beautiful places on earth lies a country whose people experience poverty and loss. Will you share love and hope with the people of Jamaica?


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06/14/2015 to 06/20/2015, 7 days
07/19/2015 to 07/25/2015, 7 days
07/26/2015 to 08/01/2015, 7 days
  • Cost : $595 *

    Status : Open

  • Insurance & Services : $24.00

  • Duration : 7 days

    Deadline : 4/30/2015

  • Age Groups : Middle and High School


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Please note this trip is for Youth Groups only.
You may not apply as an individual or family.

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