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Community Overview

On the night of December 10th, Mayfield residents were awoken by one of the worst tornadoes in US history. The tornado ripped through Kentucky and the surrounding states. Mayfield was hit hardest.

Per The New York Times…

Officials said there were at least 70 deaths in Kentucky, where many had been trapped inside a flattened candle factory, and there were six fatalities in a roof collapse at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois after severe weather ravaged the country on Friday.

Dozens of people were feared dead, and communities across the Midwest and South were digging through rubble on Saturday after a string of unseasonably powerful storms and tornadoes swept across six states overnight.

Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky said that at least 70 had been killed, and the state’s death toll could increase to more than 100. The state was hit by four tornadoes, he said, including one that stayed on the ground for more than 200 miles…

“This has been the most devastating tornado event in our state’s history,” Mr. Beshear said at the briefing. “The level of devastation is unlike anything I have ever seen.”

One local authority from Mayfield estimates that 460 families were displaced and 1200 jobs were lost.

As we’ve seen in past disasters, God is writing a different story. This is an opportunity for the church to come alongside and care for those in need. We hope you’ll join us!

Here’s a miraculous story of how two babies survived the incident, despite being carried away by the storm.

Ministry Activities include:

  • Family Support – Adopt a family for the day and serve them in whatever capacity they may need. That might include clearing rubble from their home, accessing supplies or coordinating with local authorities and churches to find resources, job opportunities, a church community, etc.
  • Kids Camp – Facilitate sports, fun activities and Bible lessons for kids and youth in the Mayfield area. This helps encourage families that are deflated in the wake of the tornado as their kids have something fun and constructive to do together.
  • General Cleanup – Local authorities estimate a 2-year cleanup process. Remove rubble, clear roofing material from nearby fields and everything in-between. As you can see from the pictures, there is a LOT of cleanup work to do.
  • Sorting and Resourcing Donations – Donations have flooded the area in a short time, leaving boxes upon boxes of clothes, tarps, toys and other stuff stacked in containers and church gymnasiums. Help sort these donations and get them to families in need.

Come with a servant’s heart and a willingness to do whatever is needed. Each day may look different and things might change day-to-day depending on the need.

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Mission Trip Location Overview

Mayfield, Kentucky Trip Options

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StartEndTypeDestinationCost Options
2023-06-032023-06-09Disaster ReliefMayfield$365 PP Request Info
2023-06-102023-06-16Disaster ReliefMayfield$385 PP Limited Availability
2023-06-172023-06-23Disaster ReliefMayfield$385 PP Limited Availability
2023-06-242023-06-30Disaster ReliefMayfield$385 PP Limited Availability
2023-07-152023-07-21Disaster ReliefMayfield$385 PP Request Info
2023-07-222023-07-28Disaster ReliefMayfield$385 PP Limited Availability
2023-07-292023-08-04Disaster ReliefMayfield$385 PP Limited Availability
2023-08-052023-08-11Disaster ReliefMayfield$385 PP Request Info

Mission Trip Options

Mission Trip Details

Activities and Opportunities

Come with a servant’s heart and no expectations. Disaster relief can take many forms – from removing debris to praying for a family and encouraging them with a meal or anything in-between. We will work with the local church to help as needed. The recovery effort may take several years.


On the floor of a local church. Showers and bathrooms will be on-site. Bring your own bedding (air mattress, pillow and blanket).


There is a full kitchen with anything you might need. Meals are very much a team effort, and we have a lot of fun in the process! Teams will participate in meal prep andserving. Breakfast will be cold cereal, fruit, bagels, etc. Hot breakfasts could be available as well, depending on the group’s willingness to contribute to the meal prepand cooking. Lunch will be packed sandwiches, fruit and a side to take to the ministry site. Hot dinners will typically be served after ministry at the church each day.

Health and Safety

The safety of our participants is a top priority for us. We have both an internal Risk Management team and external Risk Management consultants. We use a multi-pronged approach to risk management – including monitoring information from reporting agencies and relying on the knowledge of our ministry partners. In addition to our own protocols (e.g., students must be with an adult at all times), our ministry hosts and partners will provide trip specific safety guidelines for the particular trip location. Our Project Leaders are trained in risk management and have access to both on-field and home-office support.

Registration and Payment

$500 Deposit: This deposit is required to reserve your trip. At this point, you will lock in your trip and we will keep in touch with you going forward about preparation. This deposit is applied to the total cost of your trip.

50% Payment: Half of your total trip cost will need to be paid 3 months before your trip.

100% Payment: The remaining balance is due 2 months before your trip.

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