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Adventures In Missions has a wide range of programs, bases, partnerships, mission trip offerings, blogs, and more.

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At Adventures In Missions, we’ve been working since 1989, over three decades to motivate individuals to missions as a way of discipleship. We wish to assist you in mobilizing and discipling others.
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Adventures In Missions is honored to work with members of the Christ’s church body from all around the world, including you! We’d love to accompany you on your expedition; please let us know how we can best assist you.
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Partnerships and Bases

At Adventures In Missions, we believe the greatest approach to communicate into the world’s distinct and wonderful cultures is to get immersed in them and learn from them over time. Missionaries have the necessary context to respectfully present Christ’s way of life via daily living, listening to challenges, and witnessing the trials of life of foreign nations. They walk alongside people on a regular basis, rather than simply evangelizing and departing. Instead, we focus on serving, assisting, developing, training, and listening so that individuals may thrive and turn brokenness into hope.
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Giving at Adventures

Giving options, methods, programs, policies and transparency. Giving is easy, safe, tax-deductible, and high-impact with Adventures In Missions.
Giving at Adventures In Missions

The Adventures Network

We believe in the power of servant leadership at Adventures In Missions. We encourage vulnerability, listening, and collaboration toward a shared goal: developing and deploying servant leaders on missions to help change the world for the better. Our network of websites and blogs convey the church’s love and enthusiasm for serving and transforming the world.
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